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Cyberpunk 2077 Stadia saves can be carried over to PC, but you’ll have to use Takeout

Cyberpunk 2077 Stadia saves can be carried over to PC, but you’ll have to use Takeout


Stadia is shutting down, and if you want to continue any Cyberpunk 2077 progress you made on Stadia, you can download your save files using Google Takeout and bring them to PC

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A screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077. A character in a yellow jacket rests a gun on their shoulders.
If you want to transfer your save, you’ll need to do it before Stadia shuts down in January.
Image: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 players who played the game on Stadia can transfer their save files to PC before Google’s cloud gaming service shuts down, but it’s a little convoluted. To get the files, you have to use Google Takeout, which lets you download your data from Google services and manually bring them over to your PC.

CD Projekt Red has a newly updated support document detailing how it works. Although there are a few steps involved, if you want to carry your progress over, you should do it as soon as you can. Once Stadia shuts down for good on January 18th, 2023, you won’t be able to retrieve that save, CD Projekt Red’s global PR director Radek Grabowski confirmed to The Verge, meaning your progress will be lost forever.

One bonus to bringing your save files to PC is that you can use them with Cyberpunk 2077’s cross-progression feature, meaning you can technically also carry over your Stadia save files to console. This, of course, requires that you own multiple copies of the game, but if you really wish you could play your Stadia character on PS5, that can become a reality with a little bit of work.

The Takeout option may not be the most elegant solution, but for people who had invested time into CD Projekt Red’s big sci-fi RPG on Google’s soon-to-be-shuttered cloud gaming service, it’s nice that you have the option to continue your progress on another platform, especially with the major expansion set to release next year.

Like the rest of us, developers were shocked by the sudden announcement that Stadia would be shutting down, and they’ve had to work quickly to respond to players wondering what might happen with their games and progress. Ubisoft plans to let you transfer your Stadia purchases to PC, while Hitman developer IO Interactive is looking into options for Stadia customers and hopes to have something set by the end of the year.