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The best Cyber Monday deals on smart home tech

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart home tech


Grab some great prices on smart speakers, smart displays, and Wi-Fi routers that will work with Matter, plus stellar deals on top robot vacs, video doorbells, and more.

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If you’ve put off buying your first robot vacuum, now might be the best time to get one.
If you’ve put off buying your first robot vacuum, now might be the best time to get one.
Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

You’ve got one more day to grab some serious bargains on gadgets for your smart home, including smart lighting, smart locks, robot vacuums, security cameras, and smart speakers, to name just a few. With Cyber Monday now in full swing, it may be your last chance to go big on some of these great deals as the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness wraps up.

With the new smart home standard Matter on the horizon, it's worth being discerning about your bargain shopping if you plan to take advantage of the new interoperability protocol. (Which means if you want all your devices to work with all the different smart home platforms out of the box). So we’ve mainly highlighted deals on gadgets that will work with Matter — or, if not, then gadgets that work with all the major platforms.

Some device categories are not yet on the Matter bandwagon, including cameras and robot vacuums. We’re not going to tell you to wait — if you need them, now is definitely the time to buy them, as there are seriously good deals to be had.

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart speakers and hubs that will work with Matter

Matter is a new smart home standard that will make it easier for your gadgets to work with each other and any platform you want to control them with — from Amazon Alexa and Google Home to Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings.

Matter devices will need a Matter controller, and those that use Thread — a protocol Matter runs on — will need a Thread border router. Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up one of the many gadgets that will have this functionality built in for a bargain price.

  • The brand new Echo Dot fifth-gen has tumbled to just $25, down from $50. You can also pick up the Dot with Clock for just $40, down from $60, with a free Hue smart bulb. The new Dot smart speaker line-up has better sound, faster responses from its built-in voice assistant Alexa, and more sensors than the previous generation. Plus, it can double as a Wi-Fi extender for Eero routers and will be updated to be a Matter controller.
An Echo Dot with Clock on a kitchen counter

The brilliant, clock-equipped Echo Dot (fifth-gen) is on sale at Amazon for $39.99, down from $59.99. Plus, you can get one free Philips Hue White Smart Bulb with your purchase, a total value of $75.97. The Echo Dot with Clock will soon be a Matter controller. Read our review.


The second-gen Nest Hub is Google’s smallest smart display, with a seven-inch touchscreen that can automatically adjust itself to the lighting in your room. What’s new in the latest version is its ability to automatically track your sleep patterns with its Soli radar chip.

Best Cyber Monday deals on robot vacuums

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

$140024% off

The all-singing, all-dancing Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is seeing one of its first significant price drops. This is the S7 MaxV vacuum with a giant docking station that washes and dries its mop, refills the mopping reservoir, and empties its bin for a completely hands-free robot vacuuming experience. Read our review.

  • Roborock’s S7 is our top pick for a robot vacuum that can also mop, and it’s 37 percent off, down to $409.99 at Amazon. That’s a very good price for this reliable robot. It doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, but it does an excellent job of mopping and vacuuming your floors. Read our review.
  • The S7’s AI-powered sibling, the S7 MaxV, is selling for $639.99 at Amazon with a coupon and is worth considering if you really don’t like having to pick up clutter before you run your robot, as it’s smart enough to avoid socks, cables, and shoes. Both models can also be bought with an auto-empty dock on sale, too.

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

$155035% off

The powerhouse Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni — a robot vac that can mop, vacuum, empty its bin, refill its tank, and clean and wash its rotating mopping pads, is $550 off, down to $999.99 at Amazon. Read our review.

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart plugs and smart lights

  • Philips Hue is offering two “starter” deals on its excellent full-color smart light bulbs that will work with Matter (through the Hue Bridge). Get two color A19 bulbs, a bridge, and a smart dimmer for $119.99, a savings of $40, on Philips’ website, or three bulbs for $89.99 and save $45 at Best Buy and Philips’ site.
  • The rock-solid smart light switch setup — Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting — is on sale for $74, down from $100. This is for a starter kit of a Lutron Bridge, one in-wall dimmer switch, and a Pico remote. Lutron has not said if it will update its Bridge to support Matter, but it already works with all the major smart home platforms.
  • If you want to level up your smart lighting setup, Brilliant Smart Home Control panels are light switches that can also control many of your other smart home gadgets, plus will support Matter in the future. The in-wall touchscreen controllers are getting a rare 10% discount today, starting at $359.99, down from $399.99. These are also one of the few ways to control smart light bulbs using wired smart switches.
  • The low-priced, good-quality Wiz color-changing smart Wi-Fi light bulbs — which work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and will be updated to support Matter — are on sale for $10.39, down from $12.99, at Amazon. The bigger BR30 bulbs for downlighting are also on sale for $10.19, down from $13.99, at Amazon.

This colorful and versatile smart light strip is one of the most fully featured. A gradient LED strip with tunable white light, dimming functionality, and music sync, it works with Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home, and over Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t need a hub. Read our review.


If you want buttons to control your smart home lighting and scenes — Wemo’s Stage Scene Controller (Apple Home only) is a wall-mountable wireless switch that gives you physical controls for any compatible device or scene. It works over the new wireless protocol Thread (but will not be upgraded to Matter). Read our review.

  • Govee’s colorful LED gaming lighting setup is seeing a stellar deal at just $69.99, $100 off. The Smart Wi-Fi RGBIC DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Lights include a 55-inch Govee LED Strip Light, two gaming light bars, and a camera to enable specialized game-match modes, plus the lights will sync with music. Govee lights work over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
  • Budget smart home solution Aqara has several deals on its devices that will be Matter-compatible later this year, when its M2 Hub is updated to Matter. The double-rocker Aqara Smart Wall Switch that doesn’t need a neutral wire is selling for $34, down from $45, and its other smart switches are also on sale. The Aqara Hub M2 is on sale, too, for $47.99 down from $59.99. You need an Aqara hub to connect these smart switches. For hands-free smart lighting, pair the switches with an Aqara motion sensor$19.98, down from $24.99 at Amazon.

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart locks

  • The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (fourth-gen) is going for $159 $139.99, down from $229, at Amazon. It's a good price for a great lock that easily fits over your existing deadbolt, making it ideal for renters. It works with Apple Home, Samsung SmartThing, Alexa, and Google. You can also pick it up with its Bluetooth keypad over at Best Buy for $199.99 instead of $269.99. This is handy, so you don’t have a smartphone or key on hand to unlock it. Read our review.
  • The Yale Assure Lock SL with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is seeing a rare discount, selling for $240 instead of $310 at Amazon. This isn’t the latest model — that would be the Yale Assure Lock 2 that’s our pick for the best smart door lock — but it is a good option and will work with Matter thanks to an upcoming module Yale has said will be compatible with the lock. That will cost you an extra $80, though.
A keyed door lock

Level Lock Touch

$32915% off

This smart lock that doesn’t look like a smart lock works with Apple Home and Amazon’s Ring and can be opened with just a touch of your finger. The company has also said it will be upgraded to support Matter-over-Thread.

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart thermostats

The best Cyber Monday deals on smart cameras and video doorbells


Our top pick for the best video doorbell, the Ring Pro 2, is seeing a rare sale at $169.99, down from $259.99. A wired doorbell with sharp resolution, an all-encompassing view, accurate people and package detection, and excellent motion detection, you can’t go wrong with this doorbell. Read our review.


The inexpensive, battery-powered Blink Video Doorbell — one of our best doorbell picks — is on sale for $34.99 instead of its usual $49.99.

  • The best battery-powered floodlight camera — the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera — is on sale for $153.10 at Amazon, down from $249.99. Read our review.
  • The versatile indoor/outdoor Ring Stick Up camera is down to $69.99 from $99.99 at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon.
  • The Eufy 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera is down to $129.99 from $229.99, a savings of 50%, with an on-page coupon. Ideal for keeping an eye on a shed or storage facility where you don’t have Wi-Fi, this battery-powered camera can be paired with a solar panel for $20 more. Read our review.
  • A cute-looking, versatile indoor camera, the Aqara Indoor Camera Hub G3 is down to $80 from $110 today at Amazon. This camera has a 360-degree pan and tilt capability, so you can see your whole room in 2K quality. It can recognize faces and pets, and works with Apple Home’s HomeKit Secure Video and Alexa and Google Home. It is also an Aqara Hub and will be updated to support Matter next year.
The Victrola Works with Sonos vinyl turntable is $100 off.
The Victrola Works with Sonos vinyl turntable is $100 off.
Photo by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge

Best Cyber Monday deals on more smart home tech

  • The easy-to-use but expensive Victorla Stream Carbon turntable that works with your Sonos speakers is seeing its first sale right now, down to $699.99 from $799.99. It’s a simple, wireless way to add vinyl records to your audio setup. Read our review.