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The best Lego deals for adults on Cyber Monday

The best Lego deals for adults on Cyber Monday


It was extremely hard to write this post without spending lots of money

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You probably know that Lego isn’t just for kids anymore — it’s a pricey hobby for adults, too! And it didn’t help when The Lego Group raised its prices this year by up to 25 percent. But today is Cyber Monday, and some of today’s deals more than make up for those price hikes.

Below, you’ll only find the very best deals on the very best Lego sets that are actually on sale. For example, I’m not seriously including this sweet $70 Sonic The Hedgehog set because it never actually hit $80, or Boba Fett’s Starship since it can almost always be had for $40, or this miniature James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5 since you’re only saving $2.

But do you see the incredibly detailed Lego Ideas Tree House above, the one whose price Lego hiked from $200 to $250? It’s on sale for $175 today at Amazon and Walmart — and that’s the kind of deal I aspire to bring you here.

Lego Ideas Tree House

$25030% off

One of the first Lego sets with elements made of plant-based plastic (from sugarcane), the Tree House comes with both green and golden fall leaves and stands 14 inches high.


Sorry, you may need to pause your deal hunting to go check out the interior of this amazing set.

  • Lego’s Bonsai Tree is $39.99 at Amazon or Walmart ($10 off) a lovely little display set you can switch between green leaves or cherry blossoms depending on your mood. No need to water or prune.
  • Lego’s Orchid is also $39.99 at Amazon, Target, or Walmart ($10 off), with six blooms, four big leaves and a number of roots and stems you can arrange in a variety of ways.
  • Lego’s Succulents, too, are $39.99 at Amazon and Target ($10 off). Each of the main plants sits in an series of interlocking boxes. My wife enjoyed spacing them out, building one or two per sitting.
  • The Lego Marvel Super Heroes Daily Bugle is $300 at Amazon or Walmart, back to its pre-price-hike price. (It should be $350 afterwards.) It gives you not only the towering headquarters of J. Jonah Jameson’s newspaper of record, but an collection of supervillain minifigures for Spider-Man to battle.

25 minifigures let Spider-Man battle all manner of villain with some help from the Spiderverse — while the newspaper’s staff just tries to go about its Daily business.

  • The Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty is $95.99 at Amazon or Walmart, down from its typical $120. I skip most of the Architecture sets, but something about this one’s ornate build really grabs me.
  • The Lego Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama is $71.99 at Amazon, Target or Walmart, down from a $90 MSRP.
  • This Lego Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid is $41.99 at Amazon or Target, down from $60. I like display pieces that double as playable toys, and this definitely looks the part.
  • Lego’s Disney Pixar Lightyear XL-15 spaceship may be an unfortunate tie-in, but it’s an excellent Lego spacecraft design with the rare translucent yellow cockpit. Yours for $39.99 at Walmart (down from $50).
  • I bought my wife Lego’s The Child, who I will continue to call Baby Yoda, last year and she was very pleased. Now, it’s $71.99 at Amazon, Target, or Walmart, down from its typical $80.
  • Remember when The Mandalorian souped up an original Naboo Starfighter from the Princess Amidala era? Lego’s The Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter is $47.99 at Amazon, Target, and Walmart, down from $60.
  • Lego’s Queer Eye — The Fab 5 Loft is $59.99 (down from $99.99) at Amazon or I think the Friends and The Office sets are superior when it comes to details, but it’s hard to ignore 40 percent savings.
  • Lego’s Disney Mickey Mouse sequin-style wall art is $79.99 at Walmart, or $89.99 at Target (normally $120).
  • Lego’s Everyone Is Awesome, a rainbow celebration of diversity, is $24.49 at

Last but definitely not least, you can find huge deals on some of the priciest Lego sets ever made at Zavvi today, including a $670 UCS Millennium Falcon, $360 app-controlled Cat D11 bulldozer, $340 Ferrari Daytona SP3, $360 Lego Hogwarts Castle, and solid savings on the BTTF Time Machine and Porsche 911. Just know that some in the Lego community have had bad experiences with Zavvi’s couriers, since they ship from outside the US.