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Dbrand Nintendoes what Valve Nintenwon’t

Dbrand Nintendoes what Valve Nintenwon’t


The ‘SwitchDeck,’ a $50 parody skin for your Steam Deck, goes on sale today.

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The back of the “Switch” which is actually a Steam Deck, has a blurred logo.
It looks exactly like this, says Dbrand, “blurred mosaic” logo and all.
Image: Dbrand

I imagine you have questions.

In no particular order:

  • Yes, that’s a Steam Deck done up to look like a Nintendo Switch.
  • Yes, Dbrand is shitposting again! Also yes, you can actually buy it.
  • It’s a skin. Peel and apply. The red, blue, and black regions are all one big sticker. There’s another sticker for the front, and two squares for the trackpads.
  • No, we didn’t blur the Nintendo Switch logo. Dbrand did. What you see is what you get.
  • “Lawyers we paid to say ‘it’s legal’ said it’s legal,” Dbrand spox Danny tells us.
  • That didn’t stop Sony. It might not stop the infamously litigious Nintendo, either.
  • It costs 50 freaking dollars, the same price Dbrand charges to wrap your Deck in leather.
  • My headline is a classic Sega reference. Am I dating myself? The more you know...
  • If you want to troll Dbrand right back, do what I did: “ooh, a Portal-themed Steam Deck!”
The red and blue grips are reminiscent of Portal... or one particular configuration of the Nintendo Switch.
Now you’re thinking with portals.
Image: Dbrand

Were any Steam Decks harmed in the making of this? “Of course,” says CEO Adam Ijaz. They sliced through two handhelds with a bandsaw to produce the parody image you see below.

a deck, sawed into three pieces to look like a switch with two joy con controllers.
“We imagine GabeN is probably going to exact some form of vengeance,” says Ijaz.
Image: Dbrand

The “SwitchDeck” is on sale now right here. If you’re still waiting for Dbrand’s Project Killswitch, the Steam Deck case that will no longer feature magnets because of yours truly, it shouldn’t be much longer; buyers are already starting to receive their new bayonet-style replacements. Ijaz says “Every initial magnetic order has been replaced with the re-engineered mechanical stock as of last week,” and it should be done clearing the backlog of additional orders “in about a month.”