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Here are 28 last-minute gifts you can still get before Valentine’s Day

Here are 28 last-minute gifts you can still get before Valentine’s Day


From e-readers to AirPods, we’ve rounded up a host of great gifts that can save your skin ahead of the holiday.

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The purple and gray versions of the Beats Fit Pro in their cases.
The Beats Fit Pros are on sale for $149.95 and should arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Fret not! There’s no need to kick yourself if you’ve waited until the last minute to start shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift. As it turns out, there are still plenty of tech goodies you can pick up that’ll arrive in time for the holiday. And although Amazon Prime and Best Buy TotalTech subscribers can take advantage of free two-day shipping, non-members still have time to pick up a variety of gifts, from Amazon’s latest Kindle and the new Echo Dot to the third-gen AirPods and a smart mug that can keep your drink at the perfect temp.

Below, we’ve rounded up an assortment of ideas, all of which should arrive before February 14th. And hey, if you’re a true procrastinator and stumble upon this article the night before V-Day, rest assured we got you covered with plenty of digital presents, too.

Gifts that (should) arrive on time for V-Day

Regardless of whether your Valentine is a bibliophile or a commuter in dire need of some on-the-go entertainment, a Kindle makes for a great gift. Amazon’s latest model offers long battery life and a high-res display that makes text look sharp, along with a 6.2-inch display they can easily hold while clutching a subway pole with their other hand. Right now, the 16GB, ad-supported model is on sale for just $74.99 ($25 off) at Amazon (if you’re a Prime member). You’ll have to pick up the e-reader from a local Target or (select) Best Buy store if you’re not a Prime or Best TotalTech subscriber and you want it before the holiday. Read our review.

If your giftee is the type of person who likes to read while in the bath or lounging by a pool, however, it might be wiser to gift the Kindle Paperwhite than the entry-level model. The 2021 version touts many of the same features, yet it’s slightly larger and features a waterproof build. The 8GB, ad-supported model is also available in time for V-Day when you buy it from Best Buy or head to a local Target store. Read our review.


Amazon’s new entry-level Kindle comes with a host of much-needed upgrades, including a better display, longer battery life, and USB-C charging.

The Kindle Paperwhite lying on a bunch of physical books while turned on.

Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch E Ink display with adjustable color temperature for nighttime reading. It boasts a faster processor, additional battery life, IPX8 waterproofing, and a USB-C port.

For the sentimental type, there’s Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 and Polaroid’s Hi-Print portable photo printer. While one is obviously a point-and-click camera and the other a smartphone printer, both are capable of producing relatively true-to-life wallet-sized photos in seconds. Which you buy depends entirely on whether your giftee prefers the old-school charms of a dedicated camera or using a smartphone to capture shots.

Right now, you can pick up the Mini 11 in time for Valentine’s Day when you purchase it for $69.99 ($10 off) at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon (if you’re a Prime member). Polaroid’s Hi-Print portable photo printer, meanwhile, is available in time for the holiday at Best Buy and your local Target store, where you can pick it up for $99.99, or at Amazon (if you’re a Prime member) for $85.24 ($15 off).

A hand holding Fujifilm’s white Instax Mini 11 instant camera in front of a bush outside.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 11 is the best instant camera for most people. While it lacks more advanced features, the simple instant camera takes good-quality shots quickly and easily and offers a built-in selfie mode.

Polaroid Hi-Print

$10015% off

The Hi-Print isn’t the most portable, but it produces excellent quality prints with its dye-sub process.

Nanoleaf’s Shapes Triangles Smarter Kit is a solid gift for creatives. It comes with seven triangular light panels that can showcase more than 16 million colors, along with everything your giftee will need to combine the panels into a wall-mounted mosaic. The triangles also feature support for a number of voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can turn them on and off with just your voice. Plus, they can sync with your music, making them a good piece of home decor for house parties.

At the moment, you can buy the seven-panel Smarter Kit and receive it in time for the holiday for $199.99 at Best Buy and Amazon (if you’re a Prime member).


Nanoleaf’s modular lights can showcase over 16 million colors and are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you’re looking to gift a cheaper lighting accessory, we recommend turning your attention to smart bulbs. Right now, for example, you can buy a four-pack of Sengled’s color-changing smart bulbs for $20 ($9.99 off) at Amazon (if you’re a Prime member) or a two-pack for $34.99 at your local Best Buy store. You can even control the 800-lumen Wi-Fi bulbs with Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing your giftee to set the mood with a simple voice command.

Alternatively, if you want to forgo bulbs altogether and pick up another useful smart home accessory, we recommend one of TP-Link’s Kasa smart plugs. The convenient accessories plug into your standard three-prong outlet and let you add scheduling and other smart lighting capabilities to traditional “dumb” gadgets. If you’re a Prime member, you can currently buy a two-pack on Amazon for $29.99 and receive it in time for the holiday.


Sengled’s hubless, color-changing Wi-Fi bulbs offer a spectrum of colors, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


TP-Link’s Kasa smart plug is an affordable way to add smarts to any household and includes support for Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant as well as various scheduling functions.

Whether your Valentine is a music lover or likes to indulge in podcasts while jogging on the treadmill, a pair of wireless earbuds can be a welcome gift. Luckily, Apple’s third-gen AirPods sound good and, unlike their predecessor, feature water resistance that allows them to handle sweaty workouts at the gym. Currently, you can buy them for $149.99 ($20 off) with a Lightning charging case at Best Buy and your local Target store. Read our review.

If they’re a hardcore fitness buff, however, you may want to opt for the Beats Fit Pro. The wireless earbuds are our favorite pair for working out and offer solid noise cancellation, allowing your giftee to tune out the rest of the gym when they can do so safely. They also feature deep integration with iOS and built-in wing tips, which help them stay in place during intense workout sessions. Right now, you can buy them for $149.95 ($50 off) at Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon (if you’re a Prime member). Read our review.


Apple’s third-gen AirPods have a new design and sound significantly better than their predecessors. They also add new features like head tracking for spatial audio.

Beats Fit Pro

$20025% off

Our favorite fitness earbuds, the Beats Fit Pro, feature soft flexible fins that keep them anchored in your ears during vigorous workouts. Their excellent sound has plenty of bass to keep you motivated in the middle of a long run.

The next best thing to gifting a massage? Gifting a pint-sized massage gun that soothes sore muscles almost as well as a professional masseuse. With the three-speed Theragun Mini, your Valentine can give themself a powerful soft tissue massage whenever they need some TLC or simple muscle relief. Best of all, it’s fairly small and quiet, which makes it easy for them to toss in a bag and use it wherever they see fit.

As of right now, you can purchase the Theragun Mini at Best Buy for $179.99 ($20 off), assuming you’re okay with in-store pickup. You can also pick it up on Amazon in time for the holiday if you’re a Prime member willing to pay full price.

Theragun Mini

$20010% off

The Theragun Mini massager is a small, ultra-portable massage device that’s quiet and effective at providing relief for muscle pain and melting away tension.

Gifting Amazon’s fifth-gen Echo Dot is like gifting multiple presents at once. The capable smart speaker sounds great, whether it’s streaming music from Spotify or playing the news, and it can double as an extender for your Eero system if you’re looking to boost the Wi-Fi coverage in your home. As an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, you can also use it set timers with just your voice and control other smart home devices, among other tasks.

Normally $59.99, the clock-equipped model is currently on sale at Amazon and Best Buy for $49.99, or you can buy it without the display at Amazon or Best Buy for $39.99 ($10 off). Keep in mind that Prime members are the only ones who will get it in time for Valentine’s Day, so you should get it from Best Buy instead if you’re not a member. Read our review.

An Echo Dot with Clock on a kitchen counter

The fifth-gen Echo Dot touts a temperature sensor, better sound, and faster response time than the prior model. It can also act as an extender for your Eero Wi-Fi system.

Tile’s platform-agnostic Tile Mate is also a good gift that will likely prove useful in a variety of situations. Your giftee can use the handy Bluetooth trackers to keep tabs on their keys, luggage, and other items from up to 250 feet, allowing them to locate their belongings and breeze through the baggage claim. They’re also water-resistant, so they can withstand a bit of rain, and feature a built-in lanyard hole (something AirTags lack).

For a limited time, you can buy a single Tile Mate at Target, a local Best Buy store, and Amazon (if you’re a Prime member) for $19.99 ($5 off), one of the best prices we’ve seen on the popular item tracker.

Tile Mate (2022)

$2520% off

The update to the Tile Mate doesn’t change much but gives it a softer, more rounded design to make it more durable.

For tea and coffee lovers, the Ember Mug 2 is a particularly good gift, one that will keep their favorite drinks piping hot all day. The mug’s companion app for iOS and Android lets you adjust the temperature between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and the mug will keep liquids that warm for up to 80 minutes using its built-in battery (or all day using the included charging coaster).

Normally $129.95, you can buy the 10-ounce Mug 2 at Amazon and Best Buy right now for $104.95, or the 14-ounce version at Amazon and Best Buy for $124.95 ($25 off). If you order from Amazon, however, note that only Prime members will get the smart mug ahead of February 14th.

Ember Mug 2 (10-ounce)

$13019% off

The Ember Mug 2 is a temperature-controlled smart mug that keeps beverages hot. The accompanying iOS and Android apps allow you to dial in a specific temperature, from 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last-minute digital gifts you can buy on short notice

For the Valentine in need of a vacation

Instead of buying a tangible present, why not gift your Valentine an experience? With the $80 America the Beautiful pass, your loved one can enjoy a quick free getaway or a day trip to any national park in the US any day of the year. It’s the perfect gift for nature lovers, especially those who enjoy hiking and traveling.

If national parks aren’t really their thing and they’d prefer to adventure elsewhere, there’s also the Pack & Go gift card (Amazon, Kroger, Target). They can put the card toward an Airbnb or Southwest Airlines flight, or even use it at gas stations across the country.


This pass grants free entry to all 63 national parks, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, as well as over 2,000 recreation sites across the country.


A Pack & Go gift card starts at $25 and can be redeemed at Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, Grubhub, Chevron, and Texaco.

For the TV and movie buff

A streaming service gift card or subscription is another good last-minute present you can buy within seconds. If you’re not sure which platform to gift, the Disney Bundle could be a good choice. The Trio Basic plan grants ad-supported access to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $12.99 a month, so they can enjoy everything from Marvel films to the latest sporting events. Alternatively, if they’re the type you’d think would be more into hits like Stranger Things and Wednesday, you could buy them a Netflix gift card (Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart).


For $12.99 a month, you’ll get ad-supported access to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, which is cheaper than you’d otherwise pay if you purchased each subscription separately. Alternatively, you can also gift a year of the ad-free version for $109.99.


The well-known streaming service offers individual subscriptions starting at $6.99 per month, as well as more premium tiers that allow for 4K resolution and additional users.

On the other hand, if your Valentine is a hardcore movie buff and you want to gift them something more unique (that they may not already have), you might want to look into a gift card from somewhere more niche, like the Criterion Channel. The service grants access to over a thousand classic and contemporary films, including international, art-house, and independent movies, some of which you can’t find on the likes of Netflix. There are also special programs film fanatics will especially enjoy, like a “15-minute-a-month film school” and shows that spotlight different directors.


The Criterion Channel grants access to over a thousand classic and contemporary Hollywood, international, art-house, and independent movies. It also features special programming spotlighting directors, stars, genres, and themes, like a “15-minute-a-month film school.”

For the gamers

Given you can buy digital versions of most video games, buying a gamer a last-minute gift for Valentine’s Day isn’t that hard. However, if you’re not sure which specific game they’d like, a GameStop gift card is a wise choice. Not only can they use it to buy themselves games for the console of their choice, but they can also put it toward various gaming accessories. These gift cards start at $25 and you can buy a digital version from Amazon and GameStop. You can also buy console-specific gift cards, like those for Xbox (AmazonBest Buy, or Walmart), the PlayStation Store (AmazonBest Buy, or Target), and the Nintendo eShop (Amazon or Best Buy).


GameStop gift cards start at $25, and your giftee can use them to purchase a variety of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PC games and accessories, among other things.


With an Xbox gift card, you can purchase Xbox games, downloadable content, and more from the Microsoft Store on your console or PC. You can buy a card for as low as $10.

Sony’s PS5 console.

With a PlayStation gift card, you can purchase thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and more from the PlayStation Store. You can buy a card for as low as $10.


With a Nintendo eShop gift card, you can purchase more than 1,000 new, classic, and indie games from the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch. You can buy a card for as low as $5.

For the Valentine in need of some self-care

What could be better than the gift of relaxation? With a Spafinder gift card, you and your Valentine can treat yourself to massages at spas throughout the country. They can even use it at a salon for a manicure or another beauty treatment, or stretch away all the stress by taking a yoga class at their local fitness center. Spafinder gift cards start at $25 and you can buy digital versions from Spafinder, Target, and Kroger.

Alternatively, you could gift your loved one an annual $69.99 subscription to the popular meditation app Calm. The app offers a number of both guided and unguided meditation sessions on-demand, as well as masterclasses with experts so they can learn how to sleep better and stress less.


A Spafinder gift card grants access to various spa and salon services so your giftee can treat themselves to a massage, manicure, a full-on wellness retreat, or even a fitness class like yoga.


A one-year Calm membership provides unlimited access to the app’s content library, where you’ll be able to enjoy guided and unguided meditations that cover sleep, stress, gratitude, and other topics, as well as masterclasses with mindfulness experts. A one-year subscription runs $69.99.

For the music lover

There are dozens of music services you could buy a subscription or gift card to. An obvious choice is Spotify (Amazon, Best Buy), but there are also other good alternatives like Apple Music. For $9.99 a month, your giftee will be able to listen to millions of songs and podcast episodes without any distracting ads getting in the way. As there’s currently no dedicated Apple Music gift card, you’ll have to buy an Apple gift card (Best BuyTarget), but that’s a plus given these cards can also be used toward Apple products and other Apple services.


A Spotify Premium gift card gives giftees ad-free access to millions of songs and podcast episodes.


An Apple gift card can be used toward accessing over 90 million songs on Apple Music, as well as the company’s various products and services.

For the bookworms

Of course, buying a bibliophile a book is a good Valentine’s Day gift, but if it’s a little too late to do so now. Thankfully, a Kindle Unlimited subscription is a terrific alternative. Instead of just one book, your giftee will be able to access millions from a variety of genres. You can buy a Kindle Unlimited subscription for $9.99 a month.

If they prefer to listen to audiobooks than read, there’s also Audible Premium Plus. A subscription will grant them access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts, along with a new premium audiobook every month. An Audible Premium Plus subscription currently goes for $14.99 a month, but right now new subscribers can get the first three months free, making this an even better gift.


Kindle Unlimited grants access to millions of digital titles, from bestsellers to classics, for $9.99 a month.


An Audible Premium Plus subscription grants instant access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts as well as one premium audiobook a month. New subscribers can currently get three months of Audible Premium Plus from Amazon for free instead of $14.95 per month until February 20th.