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BTS now has their very own Lego set — with figures of all seven bandmembers

BTS now has their very own Lego set — with figures of all seven bandmembers


The BTS Dynamite Set, featuring scenes from the 2020 music video, hits shelves in March.

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BTS Lego figurines arranged outside a Lego disco and donut shop.
You, too, can recreate Jimin’s dance break.
Image: Lego

Lego teased a collaboration with BTS earlier this month and, needless to say, the fans had questions. Would the set come with photo cards? Will Jimin play with it on a livestream? Does this mean we’ll see BTS in the next Lego Movie?

We don’t have all the answers to those questions yet (although I need an answer on the Lego Movie stat). We have, however, finally gotten our first glimpse of this highly anticipated Lego set, which (fairly accurately) replicates the set of the “Dynamite” music video, complete with mini-figs of the seven group members.

The set was based on a fan-submitted idea from two BTS fans and Lego builders. “I watched the music video over and over and tried to capture its essence in the LEGO bricks,” writes 20-year-old Josh Bretz, one of the creators, in Lego’s press release.

The 749-piece set includes several of the primary settings featured in the music video, including the donut shop, the record store, the basketball hoop, and that ice cream truck that’s always hanging around. The stage is also present in the back, though that replica isn’t quite as faithful — but it does let you do this:

Notably missing is Jungkook’s bedroom from the opening verse, though I understand that recreating all those posters with Legos would’ve been a whole thing and a half.

Lego figurine of Jungkook holding Lego doughnut outside a Lego doughnut shop.
I know what you’ve been wondering. Yes, you can make Jungkook hold the donut. Click here for a larger image.
Image: Lego

Lego has captured some specific details; elements like the graffiti behind the basketball hoop, the addresses printed on the windows of the stores, and the “open” sign next to the donut shop are nicely constructed. The green arrow should be angled a bit further down, but I know I’m getting into the weeds here. You also cannot recreate the plane that flies over the second chorus, but you can make Jungkook hold the donut outside the donut shop, which is consolation enough.

Suga Lego figurine beside a Lego basketball hoop.
Suga isn’t wearing this outfit in the real shot, so it’s slightly disconcerting, but we’ll roll with it. Click here for a larger image.
Image: Lego

The company did a fairly impressive job replicating each member’s hairstyle, considering that we’re talking about... Lego hair. Jungkook’s black hair is easily distinguishable from J-Hope’s black hair, for example.

The seven figurines are dressed in the outfits that the group wears beginning at the song’s second chorus (rather than the costumes from their earlier solo shots or the pastel clothing from the beginning and end). Lego doesn’t provide multiple mini-figs for a costume change (and with a US price of $99.99, this is already not the cheapest piece of BTS merch you can buy). The figurines do have multiple expressions, at least; for example, you can make RM wink or just appear somewhat pensive, while Jungkook has both a smile and the bewildered look from his iconic donut shot.

V Lego figurine winking in front of a Lego ice cream truck.
Who can resist a wink from V? Click here for a larger image.
Image: Lego

This Lego set will be on sale in March. While you’re waiting, you can take a look at the pictures Lego has sent over, where the company has made admirable efforts to make the figurines look like they’re doing dance moves with their aerobically limited limbs.

Update February 16th, 5:18AM ET: Added a GIF that shows how you can turn a wheel to make the figures move onstage.