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Netflix is making a stop-motion Pokémon series

Netflix is making a stop-motion Pokémon series


Netflix’s new Pokémon show will be a stop-motion adventure set in a luxurious hotel just for pokémon.

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A yellow duck standing on a beach.
A Psyduck on a beach.
Image: Netflix / The Pokémon Company

Though Netflix has become one of the only reliable places to stream the Pokémon anime, the streamer’s gearing up to launch an intriguing series of its own.

During this week’s Pokémon Presents stream, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Concierge, a new stop-motion animated series produced by Dwarf Studio that will chronicle the goings-on at a resort for pokémon. During a brief presentation about the series, Minyoung Kim, Netflix’s vice president of content for the Asia-Pacific region, described the show as featuring a wholly new story meant to “expand the Pokémon universe.”

“The series, which will be set at the Pokémon Resort, follows the story of concierge Haru and the many Pokémon who visit as guests,” Kim said.

Though Netflix showed off the tiniest bit of Pokémon Concierge, featuring a Psyduck waddling across the beach and a still image of Haru, there are no details currently about when Pokémon Concierge is slated to debut.