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The Blue Beetle busts out a Buster Sword in first trailer

The Blue Beetle busts out a Buster Sword in first trailer


Jaime Reyes channels his inner Cloud Strife in DC’s Blue Beetle trailer.

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The trailer for the Blue Beetle movie has apparently dropped sooner than DC had anticipated. The official Blue Beetle Twitter account teased that the first trailer for the movie would arrive sometime today, but it’s already circulating on social media. (The trailer is now live on all the official channels.)

The trailer features Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes, an underemployed young man with a tight-knit family. One day, Jaime’s childhood friend Penny (Bruna Marquezine) entrusts him with a mysterious package that she begs Jaime not to open but also protect with his life.

Because this is a superhero movie, Jaime of course opens the package, discovering an alien artifact. The artifact, known as the Scarab, bonds to Jaime, covering him in the Blue Beetle exosuit and endowing him with powers of flight, energy weapons, and matter manipulation. Late in the trailer, the exosuit’s onboard AI tells Jaime that it can make whatever he can dream up. So Jaime, being a bit of a nerd, conjures a big-ass sword that looks suspiciously like Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.

In another example of DC being able to pull some of the most celebrated female actors to play the bad guys, Susan Sarandon plays the movie’s villain, Victoria Kord. She seems to believe the Scarab belongs to her (perhaps a nod to Victoria’s comics relationship to Ted Kord, a previous Blue Beetle) and will do anything to get it back.

The Blue Beetle trailer looks fun. I didn’t immediately roll my eyes at yet another superhero flick, so that might be a good sign DC has something decent on its hands. (And I definitely appreciated the “Batman’s a fascist” dig.) After the somewhat abysmal Shazam sequel and Dwayne Johnson’s dogged attempts to make Black Adam happen, DC’s movie division is in need of a hit, and Blue Beetle looks like it might be just that.