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Nothing Phone 2: all the updates on the road to a flashy new phone

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As its name suggests, the Phone 2 is Nothing’s second smartphone, set to launch a year after the company revealed its predecessor. The Phone 1 was notable for its flashing “glyph” interface, where light strips on the rear of the phone would light up to alert you to notifications and other device details.

Other than an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inside, the Nothing Phone 2 has a bigger screen, larger battery, and faster wireless charging. Plus, this time around, it’s actually going to be fully available in the US, ready to use unlocked on T-Mobile and AT&T.

Allison Johnson reviewed the Phone 2, saying, “If you appreciate the eye-catching design and a no-screen focus mode sounds appealing — and you’re not on Verizon — then you’ll be plenty happy with this device.”

Here’s our roundup of all the news from Nothing about the Phone 2. We plan to update this page regularly with new details as they emerge in the run up to its official launch in July.


    Nothing Phone 2 review: the vibes abide

    Nothing Phone 2 standing upright on a table showing illuminated glyphs.
    The Phone 2’s Glyph system is nothing if not eye-catching.

    The Nothing Phone 2 is better than the Phone 1 in a lot of small ways. But I’m still not exactly sure what it is.

    By the numbers, it’s a well-equipped midrange device. It costs $599 and comes with a capable Snapdragon processor, a big, smooth-scrolling screen, and a few extras like wireless charging. So far, so good. But then, there’s the vibe, which is at least half of the attraction. It’s harder to quantify but lives somewhere among the translucent rear panel design, the light strip notification indicators, and the distinct Nothing OS launcher. It’s not like a regular phone — it’s a cool phone.

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  • Nothing’s flashy Phone 2 lands in the US for $599

    Nothing Phone 2 on a tabletop showing glyph patterns.
    Nothing’s Phone 2 in gray.
    Photo by Allison Johnson /The Verge

    Nothing’s Phone 2 has officially arrived. The company has already preannounced plenty of details about the handset, so the big news today is the Phone 2’s price and release date. It’ll be available starting at $599 (£579 / €679), and unlike last year’s device, the Phone 2 will be available to buy in the US. Preorders start today, and the phone will be publicly available July 17th. 

    There are a couple of different variants of the Phone 2 available. The starting price gets you 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but there are also step-up models with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for $699 (£629 / €729) and 12GB and 512GB of storage for $799 (£699 / €849). For comparison, the Phone 1’s starting price for 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage was £399 (€469) in the markets where Nothing sold it. So the Phone 2 has received a substantial price bump for Nothing to justify.

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  • Nothing Phone 2 camera and display specs leak days ahead of launch

    An image showing the Nothing Phone 2
    Image: Nothing

    The launch of the Nothing Phone 2 on July 11th is less than a week away, but a new leak spoils some of the device’s potential specs. In a thread on Twitter spotted by 9to5Google, leaker Kamila Wojciechowska shares that the Nothing Phone 2 could feature some improvements to its camera system.

    According to Wojciechowska, the upcoming device could feature a 50MP Sony IMX890 main camera sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS) and in-sensor zoom. That’s the same primary sensor used by the OnePlus 11, which my colleague Allison Johnson listed as one of the positive aspects of the device in her review. It’s not clear how much this will actually affect the camera quality, though, as the Phone 1 already comes with a 50MP main sensor.

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  • Nothing Phone 2’s upgraded glyph interface explored in new video

    Nothing is upgrading its signature Glyph interface for its upcoming Phone 2 smartphone, which is due to be officially announced on July 11th. YouTuber Marques Brownlee has put out an early hands-on video with the new smartphone that offers a thorough look at the flashing light interface built into the back of the phone, and the changes Nothing has made to it compared to last year’s Phone 1

    Although the Glyph interface uses roughly the same pattern, it now includes more zones of LED lighting, which should allow it to offer more granular control of the phone’s lighting effects. There are almost triple the number of zones this time around, with the Phone 2 including 33 zones versus 12 on the Phone 1.

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  • Nothing’s Phone 2 brings back the ringtone composer.

    Nothing has teased a new “Glyph Composer” for its upcoming Phone 2 (and existing Phone 1) that lets you create custom ringtones and flashing light patterns based on synth-y sounds from Swedish House Mafia. As someone who once spent hours creating a custom ringtone for my Nokia 3310 based on the theme tune to Metal Gear Solid 2, I’m intrigued.

  • Carl Pei teases a see-through USB-C cable for the Nothing Phone 2.

    The slow drip-feed of rumors and details about Nothing’s next phone continues, with exec Carl Pei tweeting a photo of a USB-C cable (only the ends are clear, which is a little disappointing) that we expect to see debut with the Phone 2 on July 11th.

    You know we love transparent gadgets, and while a cable is pretty basic hardware, now that Beats has stepped up to match Nothing’s clear earbuds, it has to do more.

  • After months of teasing, Nothing’s Phone 2 has a launch date

    Promotional image from Nothing showing glyph interface and an octopus tentacle.
    Phone 2 will stick with the blinking indicator lights on the back panel.
    Image: Nothing

    We knew that the Nothing Phone 2 would arrive next month, and now we have a precise date: July 11th, a day shy of the Phone 1’s first birthday. It’ll include a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset and a bigger battery, and it will launch in the US this time. We know all of this because Nothing has said so in a series of spec teasers, a tactic that founder Carl Pei loved to employ at the last company he helped found: OnePlus.

    Based on a teaser image accompanying today’s news, the Phone 2 looks like it will continue to offer the “glyph” notification lights featured on the back of the Phone 1. On that device, they’re partly a style flourish and partly practical since they can indicate different types of incoming notifications by flashing in different patterns. Underneath the blinky lights, the Phone 1 was a good midrange phone that only sort of launched in the US.

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  • Nothing’s leaked Phone 2 design looks like a curvier follow-up to its first phone

    Renders of two Phone 2 handsets, one from the front and one from the back.
    An unofficial render of the Nothing Phone 2.
    Image: OnLeaks / Smartprix

    Ahead of the official launch of the Nothing Phone 2 next month, leaker OnLeaks has published unofficial renders based on a prototype of the new device via Smartprix. You might be disappointed if you’re expecting the phone to be a radical departure from Nothing’s previous devices since it looks like the essential design of the Phone 1 lives on in its successor.

    But there are a couple of differences to tease out from the renders, though Smartprix cautions the phone’s design may have changed since this prototype was produced. Most notably, the flat, squared-off top and sides of the Phone 1 appear to have been given more of a curve for the Phone 2. As Android Authority notes, it makes the Phone 2 look like an iPhone 6 next to the iPhone 5-style design of the Phone 1. Smartprix notes that the front and back of the Phone 2 also have a subtle curve to them.

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  • More details of the Nothing Phone 2 spill.

    Ever the fan of trickle releasing details of its devices in the run up to launch, Nothing has announced a couple of new specs for its forthcoming Phone 2.

    First, it’ll be supported with three years of Android updates and four years of security updates. Second, its screen will be 0.15 inches bigger than the Phone 1’s 6.55-inch display, making it 6.7 inches in size.

  • Nothing’s Phone 2 is just over a month away.

    CEO Carl Pei has confirmed to Forbes that Nothing’s second phone will launch in July, a year after the Phone 1.
    Here’s three things we know about the Phone 2: it’ll be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, will have a bigger 4,700mAh battery this time around, and will be sold in the US in addition to Europe.

  • No surprise: a lot of Nothing comes from OnePlus.

    According to Inverse (citing “a source familiar with the company’s operations”) 70 percent of Nothing’s software team and 30 percent of its hardware team come from OnePlus. It makes sense given Nothing’s co-founder and CEO, Carl Pei, previously co-founded OnePlus. Nothing is reportedly making the US its number one priority with its next launch, the Phone 2.

  • The Nothing Phone 2, coming this summer.

    Nothing hasn’t exactly been shy about its plans to release a follow up to the Phone 1 in 2023. But now it’s official: the Phone 2 is coming this summer. Details about the handset are thin on the ground, but expect it to be powered by a Snapdragon 8-series chipset (rumored to be the 8 Plus Gen 1), and potentially see a release in the US.

  • Nothing’s next phone will have high-end power.

    While the Nothing Phone 1 is “A good midrange phone underneath a whole lot of hype,” the US-bound sequel is ready for more.

    Today the company confirmed that, unlike its predecessor’s midrange Snapdragon 778 chipset, the Phone (2) has a higher-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Series inside — although it didn’t specify between Gen 1 or Gen 2.

  • Nothing’s next phone will launch in the US later this year

    The Phone 1 with its back lights illuminated.
    Last year’s Nothing Phone 1.
    Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

    Nothing’s next smartphone, the Phone 2, will be getting an official US release, the company’s CEO Carl Pei has confirmed in an interview with Inverse. Although the Phone 1’s transparent rear design and flashing light strips didn’t see a US release after the company chose to focus its attention on Europe and Asia, Nothing has decided to change its focus for its 2023 flagship. “We decided to make the U.S. our No. 1 priority in terms of markets,” Pei tells Inverse.  

    Hints of a US launch came earlier this month when Nothing announced a beta program for American buyers, which would supply them with a Phone 1 handset for a $299 fee. But the program is a far cry from an official US release, with Nothing cautioning that devices won’t support 5G on AT&T and that coverage on Verizon is very limited. In other words, the program is a way for people to test the hardware, but it’s not ready to replace a primary smartphone for US buyers.

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