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Hands-on with the new 15-inch MacBook Air

Hands-on with the new 15-inch MacBook Air


It’s a MacBook Air, but bigger.

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A Starlight 15-inch MacBook Air with its lid open on a white table.

Apple just announced the new MacBook Air 15, a 15-inch version of the most popular laptop in the world. I just saw it in person. As you can probably guess, it’s just like the smaller MacBook Air, but now it’s bigger.

The MacBook Air closed, seen from above.

There were literally no surprises from the hands-on. It feels just like the 13.5-inch model from last year. It’s thinner and lighter and less dense than a 16-inch MacBook Pro, as you’d expect, with a screen that isn’t as nice. It does have six speakers, but I didn’t get to test them.

Apple claims 18 hours of battery life from this one, which starts at $1,299 today (it’s already on sale) and ships next week, while the 13-inch Air with M2 starts at $1,099. Those are very competitive prices with Windows laptops.

You can read our full announcement post from my colleague Monica right here, and Apple’s full product page is also live.