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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released in early 2024

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released in early 2024


It’s going to be a very busy time for Final Fantasy fans.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the sequel to the remake of the beloved RPG, finally has a release window. It’ll be coming to the PS5 in early 2024. The announcement was made as part of Summer Game Fest.

In a trailer, we got a major new look at the upcoming game. Cloud and crew wandered grassy fields, visited what looked to be Cosmo Canyon, and took on some fearsome enemies. Even Yuffie, who first came back in Final Fantasy VII Remake’s DLC, showed up in the trailer. The game will be available on two discs, according to the trailer.

The second chapter of the elaborate remake project was unveiled last year, following the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020. Over the last few days, Square Enix has been teasing big news about the game through a series of tweets, confirming things like new characters, what sounds like a more open world, and more music. The day of the release date announcement, the company hinted that “more information will be revealed soon.”

Of course, Rebirth isn’t the only major Final Fantasy release coming. Final Fantasy XVI, which takes the series in a much darker, Game of Thrones-inspired direction, is launching very soon: it hits the PS5 on June 22nd.