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Where to preorder Sony’s new Spider-Man PS5 console and accessories

Where to preorder Sony’s new Spider-Man PS5 console and accessories


A special edition PS5 and a new DualSense controller featuring the symbiote are still available and will ship on September 1st.

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Sony Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 5 bundle and console covers
Sony Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 5 bundle and console covers
Image: Sony

Preorders for Sony’s upcoming limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation 5 console and some of its matching accessories are still available. The themed setup can be bought as a full bundle with a disc-equipped PS5, a digital code for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and a matching controller for $599.99. Or, if you already own a PS5, you can get the same look via replaceable covers for $64.99, while the matching DualSense controller runs $79.99.

While the next installment of Insomniac’s Spider-Man game series isn’t due out until October 20th, all this friendly neighborhood gear is set to ship on September 1st.

Where to preorder the limited edition Spider-Man 2 PS5 console bundle

If you want the whole matching package, the limited edition PlayStation 5 bundle comes with the decked-out console (complete with a disc drive), the matching controller, and a digital voucher for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The bundle runs $599.99 and is available for preorder at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and direct from PlayStation. That’s a $100 premium over the standard PS5, but considering it includes the $69.99 game, you’re just paying $20 extra for these sick spidey-themed looks.


This limited edition PlayStation 5 bundle comes with a console featuring red-and-black faceplates and a Spider-Man DualSense controller. It also includes a voucher for the digital copy of Marvel’s forthcoming Spider-Man 2 Standard Edition, which will be released in October.

Where to preorder the Spider-Man console covers for your own PS5

A cool feature of the PlayStation 5 is that you can change the look of it with replacement covers. This has mostly been just standard colors and a cheesy-looking collaboration with LeBron James up to this point. Now, you can make your own PS5 look just like this limited edition Spider-Man 2 thanks to these $64.99 covers — that is, if you can get your hands on the exclusive skins. They’re currently unavailable at Target and direct from PlayStation, and they’re flagged as “coming soon” at Best Buy. Other retailers, including GameStop, are sold out.


This red and black PlayStation 5 console cover features a Spider-Man-inspired design that looks like Venom’s symbiote is taking over.

Where to preorder the Spider-Man edition DualSense controller

Again, you can make your whole PS5 setup equal to the LE bundle, and the other piece to the equation is the matching DualSense controller. It’s just a standard DualSense like the one(s) you already own, but it’s slowly being infected by Venom’s symbiote (or, at least, that’s how it’s designed — but touch this thing at your own risk). The limited edition DualSense controller is currently available for preorder at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and direct from PlayStation for $79.99.


A standard DualSense PS5 controller, done up in a Spider-Man and Venom theme for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Update August 6th, 2:06PM ET: Updated post to reflect most recent stock and availability, including ongoing preorders at Target.