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The Continental is at capacity in new trailer for Peacock’s John Wick prequel series

The Continental is at capacity in new trailer for Peacock’s John Wick prequel series


The latest trailer for Peacock’s John Wick spinoff series would be great, save for its overabundance of Mel Gibson.

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While the very first teaser for Peacock’s forthcoming The Continental series was rather light on details, the latest trailer definitely makes it seem like the John Wick prequel is going to live up to the films’ action-packed reputation — or die trying.

Set in 1970s New York City, The Continental revolves around younger versions of Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) and Charon (Ayomide Adegun) as the two become entangled in an intricate war of assassins that’s fated to end with them coming into power at the series’ titular hotel. Though Winston’s seemingly no stranger to what sort of business goes down at the Continental, the new trailer establishes how it isn’t until his brother Frankie (Ben Robson) runs afoul of the hotel’s then-head Cormac (Mel Gibson) that he really starts to be sucked into its world of well-dressed madness.

Rather than full-on working with Cormac to get back whatever Frankie stole, The Continental’s new trailer makes it seem like Winston might instead take matters into his own hands by allying with his brother and a number of other outsiders, like Miles (Hubert Point-Du Jour), Lou (Jessica Allain), and Lemmy (Adam Shapiro), to destroy the hotel.

Of course, with a hotel like the Continental — one filled with eccentric professional killers who are all trying to relax — pulling off that kind of hostile takeover is easier said than done. The trailer makes clear that every single one of Winston’s targets is going to put up one hell of an excellently choreographed fight before he’s able to eliminate them, which is great to see. But the trailer also makes it fairly obvious that Gibson’s Cormac is going to be pretty central to The Continental’s plot, which is an incredibly disappointing and weird choice on producer Lionsgate Television’s part that’s probably going to keep more than a few people from tuning in to The Continental when it hits Peacock on September 22nd.