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Where to preorder the various editions of Starfield (and what’s included)

Where to preorder the various editions of Starfield (and what’s included)


Bethesda is offering a few versions of its upcoming space epic, with various in-game and physical perks. Here, we’ll help you find the right one for you.

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A screenshot from Starfield.
Starfield is all about space exploration — potentially like hundreds of hours of it.
Image: Bethesda Game Studios

It’s been a very busy year for big game releases, with Starfield being one of the biggest titles that has yet to launch. The Xbox and PC exclusive from Bethesda is promising a massive sci-fi world to voyage around, with over 1,000 explorable planets and countless weapon and mod customizations. It’s also the first new world that Bethesda has created in over two decades, offering a change of pace from its long-running Elder Scrolls franchise.

If what you saw in Bethesda’s 45-minute gameplay preview or our review has you hyped enough to preorder Starfield ahead of its September 6th release date or September 1st early-access launch, we’ve compiled all your options into a one-stop shop. From the $69.99 base game to the $299.99 Constellation edition and all their included add-ons — as well as the colorful branded accessories for superfans — here are all the ways you can preorder Starfield.

Subscribe to Game Pass for access to the Starfield standard edition

Do you already subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, or Game Pass Ultimate? If so, you’ll already have access to the standard edition of Starfield on day one. Game Pass members also get access to the same in-game preorder bonuses as the standard edition (including the Old Mars skin pack for the laser cutter, deep mining helmet, and deep mining pack), and you’ll keep those perks as long as you subscribe to Game Pass.

Game Pass subscriptions run $9.99 a month for PC, $10.99 for Xbox, and $16.99 for both (which also gives you access to cloud-based streaming). The upcoming $9.99 Game Pass Core tier that will replace Xbox Live on September 14th does not include Starfield, however.

The Xbox logo

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers access to more than 100 titles, which you can play on multiple devices. The pass also gives subscribers access to exclusive deals, online multiplayer, and Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Preordering the standard edition of Starfield

If you prefer to fully own your games, Starfield preorders start at $69.99 for the standard edition on Xbox or PC. However, only the Xbox Series X version is available as a physical disc — the PC physical version is just a code in a box. You can preorder the disc version for the Xbox Series X at various retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, and Target. The “physical” PC version is also available at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target.

Regardless of which retailer you choose, preordering the standard edition grants access to the Old Mars skin pack — cosmetics for the laser cutter, deep mining helmet, and deep mining pack.

Logo of Starfield

Bethesda’s hotly anticipated sci-fi RPG, mixing elements of action, weapons-based combat, ship battles, and space exploration spanning over 1,000 planets.

Preordering the premium edition of Starfield

Opting for the premium edition of Starfield essentially costs $99.99 for the digital version or a total of $104.98 for the physical version (via the $34.99 “premium edition upgrade” combined with the $69.99 standard edition). The $99.99 digital premium edition nets you early access to the game starting September 1st, the Shattered Space story DLC to come later, access to a digital art book and the original soundtrack, a Constellation skin pack, and the Old Mars skin pack from the standard edition. Buying the standard edition and the separate premium edition upgrade adds up to all that plus a SteelBook case and Constellation patch.

You can preorder the digital premium edition for $99.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. The $34.99 premium edition upgrade to couple with the physical standard edition, meanwhile, is available for preorder from Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Best Buy.


The digital premium edition of Starfield includes the base game with up to five days of early access, the Shattered Space expansion once it’s released, the Constellation skin pack (including the equinox laser rifle, spacesuit, helmet, and boost pack), and access to the Starfield digital art book and soundtrack.


The premium upgrade for Starfield includes all the in-game content add-ons that come with the $99.99 digital premium edition, along with a SteelBook case and Constellation patch. It’s meant to be paired with the standard physical version of the game.

Preordering the Constellation edition of Starfield

Last but far, far from least is the Starfield Constellation edition. This superdeluxe $299.99 limited-edition bundle includes everything from the standard and premium editions as well as a credit stick with a laser-etched game code and a Starfield Chronomark watch with a decorative attache case.

While it costs as much as an entire Xbox Series S console, the Constellation edition quickly sold out shortly after it was first announced. However, like we’ve seen with the collector’s edition of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s available once again in limited quantities at Amazon. If other retailers also come around with restocked inventory, you should be able to preorder it from Best Buy, GameStop, or direct from Bethesda.


Starfield’s Constellation edition includes the base game with up to five days of early access, a credit stick with a laser etching of the game code on it, the forthcoming Shattered Space story expansion, the Constellation skin pack, access to the Starfield digital art book and original soundtrack, a SteelBook case, a Constellation patch, and a Starfield Chronomark watch and case.

Starfield-themed accessories to go with your preorder

If you want to up your peripherals game with the colorful sci-fi vibes of Starfield, Microsoft has a few limited-edition accessories for you. The Starfield limited-edition Xbox Wireless Controller, Wireless Headset, and Seagate game drives / game hub all have matching Constellation-inspired designs.

The $79.99 controller is currently sold out at most retailers, but you may find some local inventory at brick-and-mortar GameStop locations, or at Best Buy or theMicrosoft Store if they restock. The headset, on the other hand, is available for around $124 at Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

As for Seagate’s game drives, they’re only available at Best Buy at this time and come in 2TB and 5TB capacities for $109.99 and $169.99, respectively. The larger Seagate game hub packs 8TB of storage and additional USB-A / USB-C ports for $239.99.


A standard wireless Xbox controller for Series X / S consoles or PC, decked out in spaceship-themed Starfield cosmetics. In addition to the paint job and graphics, it features a bronze metallic D-pad, two-tone textured grips, and transparent shoulder triggers with visible bronze rumble motors inside.


The Starfield limited-edition version of the Xbox Wireless Headset has a Constellation-themed design with a see-through microphone boom.


Seagate’s game drive and game hub add external storage to an Xbox Series X / S console via USB 3.2 Gen 1 connection. You can play backward-compatible games directly off the external hard drives or store newer games to save space on the internal SSDs of Series X / S consoles.

Update August 31st, 2:58PM ET: Updated copy to reflect that our Starfield review is now live and the Constellation Edition is back in stock at Amazon.