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All the announcements from Nintendo’s fall Indie World event

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Though the year’s coming to a close, Nintendo’s sneaking in another Indie World showcase to highlight all the smaller titles coming to the Switch later this year and into 2024. It’s the holiday season, the perfect occasion to spend time with your Switch playing games that won’t suck the life out of you the way Tears of the Kingdom or Super Mario Bros. Wonder might. Don’t expect anything too big — looking at you, Silksong hopefuls — but if you’re tired of 2023’s AAA game-a-palooza, Nintendo’s offering smaller portions that won’t bust your wallet or your appetite. The event will kick off at 12pm, you can follow along and watch it here.

  • And the award for edgiest video game title in 2023 goes to —

    Blade Chimera!

    Despite having a name that wouldn’t be out of place in the PSX-era, Blade Chimera looks like a really cool futurepunk Castlevania. In it, you wield your Lumina Blade, a demon transformed into a sword, that can slash enemies and transform into anything from a grappling hook to an escalator to get to those hard to reach places.

    Blade Chimera launches on the Switch as a timed exclusive in Spring 2024.

  • Look at that photograph.

    The Star Named Eos is a first-person puzzle / exploration game with what looks like a big focus on memories as experienced through photos. Whatever it is, it’s certainly pretty, and the new trailer makes me want a cup of coffee very badly. The game hits the Switch in spring 2024.

  • Meet me at Moonstone Island.

    Moonstone Island was one of the coziest and cutest games I saw at GDC 2023 and it’s coming to the Switch as a timed exclusive. The game’s a deckbuilder Pokémon-like mixed with all the chill social and simulation elements of Stardew Valley.

    Become a world-renowned alchemist with the help of creatures you meet and tame in a procedurally generated world, where you can grow plants for your potions, decorate your home, and fall in love. No firm release date yet, but expect Moonstone Island to launch on the Switch in spring 2024.

  • A cozy whodunit.

    Who doesn’t love to spend a seaside vacation solving mysteries? On Your Tail feels like the kind of investigative game where you’ll really want to investigate, primarily because of how charming the world looks. It’s not clear why all of the characters are animals, but you’ll be able to solve that mystery as well when the game drops in 2024.

  • Planet of Lana jumps to new platforms.

    The atmospheric platformer debuted on the Xbox and PC earlier this year, but it’ll soon make its way to both the Switch and PlayStation (PS4 and PS5). The ports don’t have a release date, but are expected next spring.

  • Let’s do the time warp again.

    Your favorite game journalist’s favorite game about space is finally heading to the Switch. Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition will let you solve the riddle of cosmic recurrence through clever puzzles strewn throughout an always-changing environment.

    The Archaeologist Edition will feature the Outer Wilds base game and its expansion Echoes of the Eye. If you’re so inclined, grab a pre-order, they’re available now, or wait until the game launches officially on December 7th.

  • Braid, Anniversary Edition is also coming to Switch next year.

    When I wrote about the game’s long-delayed release date last week, the press materials didn’t list a Switch version, which was odd given that the game was set to come to Switch when it was originally announced. But Nintendo just showed the game at its Indie World presentation, which means the Switch version is back on.

  • A nice trick.

    There’s no shortage of whodunits on the Switch, and soon another intriguing take on the genre will hit the platform. It’s called Death Trick: Double Blind, and it mixes up a visual novel with more investigative elements. Also, it takes place at a circus. Death Trick launches in 2024, but a demo is available on the Switch today.

  • Music to run to.

    Inkle’s A Highland Song was one of my favorite’s from GDC this year, mixing exploration, rhythm, and folklore into one cozy package. Now the game has a release date: it’ll be out on December 5th.

  • The Risky Revolution will not be televised.

    Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Originally, this game was meant to be a sequel to the first Shante game launched on the GameBoy Color in 2002, but was cancelled before completion.

    WayForward Games, developers of the Shante series, always wanted to finish the game and held onto that idea for 22 years until now. Risky Revolution will bring a long lost game to life with new features including 4-player battle mode.

  • An RPG for organization fans.

    Backpack Hero is a roguelike where the goal is to arrange your gear just right to “unleash their true potential.” It looks like just the thing for Marie Kondo aficionados. It might be the only RPG I’ve ever seen that boasts “unique backpack powers.” It’s also launching later today in the Switch eShop.

  • Something to play tonight.

    Nintendo loves to surprise drop a game during a livestream, and today that means Howl, a turn-based folktale game set in a world ravaged by a sound-based plague. It’ll be available on the Switch “later today.” It looks absolutely gorgeous, but if the trailer doesn’t sell you, there’s also a demo to check out.

  • Time to work on your core.

    The co-op exploration game Core Keeper is launching next summer, and it promises a little bit of everything: mining, farming, base building, and ancient creatures to battle.

  • A Nintendo showcase is on its way.

    Following its big Direct presentation in September, Nintendo is back with another showcase, this time focused on indie games. The company says it will include “roughly 20 minutes of new announcements and updates on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch,” so don’t get your hopes up for new hardware or the Zelda movie. You can watch the whole thing at 12PM ET tomorrow in the video below.