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How to find your 2023 Spotify Wrapped

How to find your 2023 Spotify Wrapped


Find out what your top tunes were this year and discover what your music personality says about you.

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Spotify logo against an illustrated background with round circle representing audio stuff.
Image: Samar Haddad / The Verge

One of the more popular end-of-year items is Spotify Wrapped, where the music service puts together a roundup of everything you listened to that year in various statistical formats, wrapped up (well, that’s what it’s called, right?) in bright, fun graphics. You can see what music categories you followed, get a playlist of your top 100 songs, see where you stand compared to others, and find out what your listening personality is.

It’s easy to find Spotify Wrapped — and this year, you can do it using the mobile app or on the web.

The simplest way is to just open your Spotify mobile app. If you don’t immediately see a banner labeled “your 2023 Wrapped,” then just look at the top menu — if you scroll left, you should find a Wrapped button waiting for you that will lead you straight to that banner. Click on the banner, and you’re off!

This year, you can also find Wrapped on your laptop by going to the Spotify website, signing in to your account, and looking for the Wrapped announcement. Click on the Check it out button, and it should take you to your Wrapped slideshow, or you can go straight to

But be aware, there may be glitches. When I tried to go to Wrapped on my laptop, I got a couple of error messages, and that was it — it’s possible the site may have been a bit overwhelmed. (Note: I had no trouble accessing the feature on the mobile app.) So if you can’t get through, give it a little while, and try again.

Spotify mobile screen with Wrapped button in green on top right, list of playlists below that, and a large orange banner labeled Your 2023 Wrapped.
On your phone, look for the Wrapped banner or the button on top of the screen.
Screen labeled Your top genres and showing an illustration of a loaf of bread with various types of music below.
Can I help it if my taste in music is a little, well, pedestrian?