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How AI is fooling the photography world

How AI is fooling the photography world


It takes a surprising amount of creativity.

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“Promptography” is what Berlin-based artist Boris Eldagsen calls his creative process. He inputs highly specific and deliberate text prompts into generative AI programs like DALL-E or Midjourney and tweaks their outputs repeatedly to create thought-provoking photographs — or at least, what look like photographs. His work is so convincing that he fooled Sony into giving him a photography award, only to decline the honor and reveal that his work was made using AI.

Creations from series PSEUDOMNESIA III


Creations from series PSEUDOMNESIA III
Boris Eldgasen

In this episode of Status Update, senior video producer Becca Farsace takes a flight to Berlin, Germany. There, she attends Eldagsen’s gallery opening and learns what it takes to be a promptographer. 

Watch to find out if Becca could answer The Verge’s favorite question of the year: what is a photo? Bonus points if you can guess which pancakes made it into the episode.

<em>Pancake “Promptography” using Midjourney.</em>


Pancake “Promptography” using Midjourney.
Image: Becca Farsace