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Read up on Apple’s tremendous Godzilla series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

When Legendary first launched its interconnected cinematic MonsterVerse with 2014’s Godzilla, it seemed like the studio’s spectacle-driven stories about titanic kaijus battling one another and leveling cities could only work on the big screen. It was hard to imagine how Legendary could do characters like the king of monsters and his subjects justice when we first learned that Apple was set to produce a live-action streaming show set in the MonsterVerse.

But with its first season, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters came out absolutely swinging with a fascinating narrative that genuinely managed to make its human characters every bit as fascinating as the epic beasts they live in fear of. From its moving performances to its imaginative set pieces, almost everything about Monarch makes it feel like the ideal expansion of an already promising cinematic universe.

From the very jump, The Verge has been covering it all with news updates, reviews, and interviews about the show — which we’ve collected here. And while there’s already quite a bit to dig into, given Legendary’s future plans for the MonsterVerse, you’re probably going to want to keep an eye on this stream to get a peek at what’s coming next.