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The Verge’s best of CES 2024

The Verge’s best of CES 2024


Rounding up the best tech news to come out of Las Vegas.

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The Consumer Electronics Show brings thousands of visitors to Las Vegas every year to witness the latest innovations in tech — some practical and some jaw-dropping.

Our staff was on the ground, surrounded by thousands of smart rings, vacuums, concept cars, and everything in between. However, there were just a few standouts. The Verge highlighted our favorites from the show floor in the video above. Here are a couple sneak peeks of our top picks: 

Best wearable: Movano’s Evie Ring

One of the standouts in the smart ring market was the Evie Ring. Verge reviewer Victoria Song found the ring to be clever, with an open gap up top that allows the ring to flex. No more struggling to get a ring off when your fingers swell! But the thing she appreciated most is how dedicated Movano’s been to ensuring the accuracy of its sensors.

Most irrationally loved: Samsung’s Ballie robot

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Samsung’s Ballie, which was announced in 2020 — but this year, the little bot got an upgrade. It now doubles as a moving projector and includes features like controlling you air conditioner, lights, home appliances, and checking in on your pets. How soon will it come to market, if ever? Not sure, but Verge reporter Emma Roth is hoping 2024 is the year of Ballie. 

Best in show: LG’s Signature OLED TV

Actually, it makes more sense to watch the video to see that one.

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