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AI at Work

In a short span of time, artificial intelligence has gone from a pipe dream to a ubiquitous feature. What does that mean for industries, workers, and consumers?

AI, once an ambiguous science fiction trope, has become an ambiguous business buzzword, as every technology product races to implement what Silicon Valley thinks is the greatest innovation since the internet. But lost in the conversation are stories about the people building it and using it. If large language models and automated systems will, indeed, upend labor and capital, what does it actually look like in practice? In this package, we’ll explore the ways AI functions today: how people are using it, where it fails and where it succeeds, and what it actually means when we say “artificial intelligence.” 

The text file that runs the internet

How AI can make history

The return of the (robot) travel agent

Gregory Barber

Dude, where’s my self-driving car?

Watermarking the future

Automating ableism