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5 Minutes on The Verge

Ev Williams on Medium’s future, his new venture fund, and listening to his gut

Ben Horowitz on IPOs from hell, the power of profanity, and why he likes a good fight

Designer music: how Tycho blends art and sound

Seeing secrets: Trevor Paglen on photographing the NSA’s headquarters

Ape escape: the argument to keep chimpanzees out of cages

'Unmanned' director Robert Greenwald on how America embraced drone warfare

Final delivery: David X. Cohen on the end of 'Futurama'

Hi-res censorship: Metahaven on Edward Snowden and rebranding WikiLeaks

Cicero’s Twitter: Tom Standage on the forgotten history of social media

‘I wasn’t scared’: Spike Lee on reimagining ‘Oldboy’

Lizzie Skurnick is bringing neglected young adult classics back to life

How the net was tamed: stopping cybercrime from child pornography to the Silk Road

The devil you know: inside the world of a psychopathic scientist

Why Scott Campbell turns classic movie battles into adorable paintings

Bobby McKenna on crafting Vine's 'wierd' and wonderful design

Metallica's Kirk Hammett on how 'Through the Never' almost became a sci-fi movie

Taran Killam of ‘Saturday Night Live’: the new season, comic books, and ‘NBA Jam’

Smarter than you think: the internet isn't dumbing us down after all

Pushing pixels with Paul Robertson, the artist behind 'Mercenary Kings' and 'Scott Pilgrim: The Game'

Genetics and the jock: inside the new science of athletic excellence

Comic book heroes get the info-porn treatment from designer Tim Leong

Maura Johnston on why she opened her iPad-only magazine to the web

Google Docs began as a hacked together experiment, says creator

Steve Wozniak on Newton, Tesla, and why the original Macintosh was a 'lousy' product

Dmitry Itskov wants to help you live forever by swapping your body for an android avatar

Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin on digital comics and the medium's 'second Golden Age'

Sketching Instagram: co-founder Mike Krieger reveals the photo app's humble beginnings

The illusion of simplicity: photographer Peter Belanger on shooting for Apple

How @breakingnews keeps news junkies current in a crisis

Science writer Mary Roach: ‘everything I learn is pretty shocking and weird’

Timehop CEO: 'Reminiscing doesn’t have a home online yet'

The man behind Flickr on making the service 'awesome again'