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5 Minutes on The Verge

'Fringe' composer Chris Tilton on rethinking the sound of 'SimCity'

Simple CEO: we're stuck with plastic cards thanks to America's fragmented banking market

Jesse Thorn: 'Walking into the media world is like walking into a thrift store'

NYC Chief Digital Officer: upgrading a subway system is a lot harder than restarting a router

29th Street Publishing’s Tim Moore on making apps like movies

MetaFilter founder: Reddit's 'creepy stuff' shows how hard it is to run an open community

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom: 'I’m not really one for ritual. Life’s more interesting that way.'

The Iconfactory's David Lanham on what it takes to build home screen-worthy icons

The Glitch Mob’s Justin Boreta on Mirrogram and merging music and apps

Microsoft's chief patent counsel Bart Eppenauer: ‘We believe our patent laws have served the country very well.’

Warren Ellis on futurism, the New Aesthetic, and why social media isn't killing our children

Day One journal creator Paul Mayne: 'expressing things without filters is liberating'

Path co-founder Dustin Mierau: 'an app without design is like a good story printed on a dot matrix printer'

Frog's Mark Rolston: the 'Minority Report' interface is a 'terrible idea'

Box CEO Aaron Levie: 'I thought Google Wave was the future of the Internet, but I was wrong'

'Attackers will follow the users': an interview with F-Secure’s Mikko Hyppönen

The Awl Music's Eric Spiegelman on streaming music: 'Algorithms don't take risks'

Cosmonaut stylus creator Dan Provost on how two guys make a living building hardware

NextDraft's Dave Pell on why email is still the killer app

EveryBlock's hype 'definitely faded,' says founder Adrian Holovaty, but it's more popular than ever

IBM's VP of Emerging Technologies Rod Smith talks pre-crime divisions

5 Minutes on The Verge with Fantastical creator Michael Simmons

5 Minutes on The Verge: Matt Novak

Rhapsody's Rob Reid: 'Copyright law is like doing archaeology in the Mediterranean'

'Sword & Sworcery' composer Jim Guthrie: 'If you can think it, you can make it work in a game'

Tumblr lead designer Peter Vidani: 'Are we the things we share?'

Yasha Levine: using the web to fight 'journalistic malpractice'

Inside Anonymous: an interview with Parmy Olson

Color's Bill Nguyen: 'We're headed toward the singularity, right? Brains in a jar. Teleportation.'

Gavin Purcell: 'people always say I'm gonna be the first cyborg'

Nicholas Thompson, editor: 'our capacity to absorb information is growing'

5 Minutes on The Verge: Edgar Wright