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Led by telecommunications giants such as Verizon, AT&T, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Ericsson, the move to 5G is well and truly underway. This next-generation cellular networking standard promises an order of magnitude faster speeds than 4G LTE, though it will take a considerable amount of time and work until it is fully deployed and operational to its fullest potential.

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5G: everything you need to know

How does 5G work — and what should you be worried about?

Chaim GartenbergJun 9, 2020

5G coronavirus conspiracy theorists are endangering the workers who keep networks running

Engineers have been abused, harassed, and spat at, while conspiracy theorists have launched arson attacks against mobile infrastructure

James VincentJun 3, 2020

I became a Dish influencer to get a 5G NFT

Or: how I learned a lesson about downloading crypto software half-cocked

Mitchell ClarkJul 13

Finding the limits of Dish’s new 5G network

Two weeks ago, it launched in my city — how’s it going?

Mitchell ClarkJul 1

5G’s false start is over and the iPhone SE proves it

Apple built an iPhone without millimeter wave, and it matters

Sean HollisterMar 9