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Led by telecommunications giants such as Verizon, AT&T, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Ericsson, the move to 5G is well and truly underway. This next-generation cellular networking standard promises an order of magnitude faster speeds than 4G LTE, though it will take a considerable amount of time and work until it is fully deployed and operational to its fullest potential.

Meet Nokia G300, the $199 5G phone for Tracfone and Straight Talk customers

GM and AT&T are teaming up to bring 5G to Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC cars by 2024

California regulators think T-Mobile lied to get Sprint merger approved

T-Mobile has started offering fiber home internet in a limited pilot program

Dish says it will launch wireless 5G service in beta at the end of September

New wireless network dropping soon

Verizon’s new hotspot plans are built for your #vanlife dreams

T-Mobile’s new prepaid offer is a direct play for the Boost customers it sold to Dish

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert will deliver CES keynote as the Uncarrier moves mainstream

Predictably, T-Mobile’s merger promises weren’t enough to make a carrier out of Dish

Apple AirPods update to arrive later this year with iPhone SE refresh coming 2022: report

Dish cuts a 10-year, $5 billion deal to make AT&T the primary service provider for its MVNO

AT&T says it will bring mmWave 5G to seven US airports this year

AT&T removes high-speed data throttling from its most expensive unlimited plan

Five things to consider before you sign up for T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile launches long-promised 5G home internet service

Codename: Urban Legends is a taste of what Niantic thinks 5G could do for AR gaming

Huawei has a plan to get a bigger cut of 5G, even with its phone sales limited

T-Mobile’s long-promised 5G home broadband will launch later this month

Cord-cutters may soon have another option

T-Mobile plans to turn up 5G speed this year, cover 90 percent of Americans with fast 5G by 2024

Verizon is once again giving you a reason to turn 5G off

T-Mobile saw Verizon telling people to turn off 5G and thought ‘why stop there’

T-Mobile’s home office internet is a separate cellular-based Wi-Fi network for enterprise customers

Verizon support says you should turn off 5G to save your phone’s battery

Verizon and AT&T just spent almost $70 billion on spectrum to improve their 5G networks

T-Mobile has 5G leverage and isn’t afraid to use it

Dish is confident in its plan to offer 5G in its first major cities by end of Q3 2021