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Sony Xperia Pro-I is a camera first, 5G phone second

Apple AirPods (third-gen) review: new design, same appeal

Facebook says it’s refocusing company on ‘serving young adults’

Why smart alarm clocks can’t be trusted

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro on a table

MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max impressions: giving the people what they want

Tesla keeps ignoring the government’s requests to fix Autopilot

Snap on Anker MagGo accessories for MagSafe wireless charging in your car and home

Inside Facebook’s struggle to keep young people

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

Apple releases iOS 15.1 with SharePlay and more iPhone 13 Pro camera options

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The tier list: how Facebook decides which countries need protection

Leaked documents reveal a huge, opaque system

The original iPod ‘prototype’ was an Apple design to prevent leaks

Mastercard will allow banks on its payments network to provide cryptocurrency services

Blue Origin reveals plans for future commercial space station called Orbital Reef

Orbital Reef will be a “mixed-use business park” in space

Halo Infinite’s infamous Craig gets a glow-up in latest campaign trailer

Zoom now has auto-generated captions available for free accounts

Apple’s latest sci-fi drama Invasion starts out too dang slow

The series debuts with three episodes and no aliens

Best Buy stores will soon offer Samsung foldable repairs

Twitter is working on blockchain-linked Collectibles tab

Tesla doesn’t want anyone to see its response to the Autopilot investigation

The new 14-inch MacBook Pro is already $50 off at Amazon

Tesla offers a glimpse of a future without Elon Musk

A calm, coherent quarterly conference call previews what’s to come

Halo Infinite’s new campaign trailer has Master Chief chasing Cortana

Amazon announces Alexa program for hospitals and senior care

You can now play Steam PC games on an Xbox with Nvidia’s GeForce Now

Tesla’s Model 3 is first electric vehicle to top monthly sales charts in Europe

This free web tool is a fast and easy way to remove objects from images

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Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have big screens, big ambitions, and small prices

Google claims to finally be ready to take on Apple and Samsung

Discord now shares more details of your EA gameplay

Tesla pulled its latest ‘Full Self Driving’ beta after testers complained about false crash warnings

Tesla quietly raises prices on four of its EVs

Verge Tech Survey 2021

After a year of the pandemic, we asked Americans if their trust in big tech companies has changed — and if the biggest ones should be broken up

New trailers: King Richard, Uncharted, Ozark, and more

Estimated ship times for preorders of new MacBook Pro models now into late November, early December

We want to see your internet bill

The Verge is partnering with Consumer Reports for a new project about internet costs