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OpenAI execs think Musk sued because he’s upset he’s not along for the ride.

Chief strategy officer Jason Kwon said in a staff memo regarding Elon Musk’s lawsuit that Musk has “regrets about not being involved with the company today,” according to several reports.

Axios detailed claims that Kwon refuted, including whether GPT-4 represents artificial general intelligence that benefits humanity. In court, Musk would also need to prove a very wobbly claim that OpenAI was contractually bound to do so.

What if all-glass iMac, but with a screen on both sides?

Patently Apple spotted some interesting changes to one of Apple’s wilder patents — a foldable display (possibly an iMac) housed within a single piece of glass.

Part of the update describes a display on the back. What it could be for is a mystery, but I’m going with very fancy sessions of the board game Battleship.

A rear screen shown with the display / iMac’s dock at the bottom and the folded portion at the bottom curving away from the viewer.
A patent illustration showing the device with a screen on the back.
Image: Apple
Here’s a peek under WhatsApp’s hood at how third-party chats will work.

The Android beta (version for WhatsApp includes a way to manage third-party chat app interoperability, which is coming soon as Meta works to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act next week.

That’s according to WABetaInfo, which reported that users will be able to approve specific apps for the integration (or turn it off entirely).

A screenshot of the third-party chats management screen in the WhatsApp beta.
Image: WABetaInfo
Netflix says no to more Michelle Yeoh.

The streaming service, answering a question we asked in November, has canceled The Brothers Sun, a dark action comedy starring Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, and Sam Song Li.

Deadline, which reported the cancellation yesterday, wrote that it simply underperformed during its first — and now only — season. If you missed the show, enjoy this killer rendition of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” from the trailer.

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Google will face new antitrust allegations after a judge okays charges.

US District Judge Kevin Castel approved (PDF) a class action lawsuit by advertisers alleging that the company holds a monopoly in the ad market, Reuters reported yesterday.

Judge Castel dismissed some of the claims, though, including one that alleged that Google and Facebook conspired to give Facebook access to “enhanced proprietary data.”

Google is also preparing another advertising antitrust trial from the US DOJ.

Physical media week

Exploring the importance of discs and cartridges in an increasingly digital age.

Re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere in 4K.

Varda Space Industries captured its W-1 capsule’s descent from low-earth orbit for the rest of us to watch in 4K on YouTube. Ars Technica has a thorough write-up about the mission.

Varda’s clip isn’t quite as dramatic as the 25-minute Artemis I reentry video you can download from NASA, but the clarity makes it a sight to behold.

The nixed WWDC Larry David video is back on YouTube.

It’s... pretty clear why Apple, specifically, would have gotten cold feet about showing this Curb Your Enthusiasm-style skit, imagining him as an app reviewer.

This was reportedly made for 2014’s WWDC. It probably won’t be on YouTube for long, so enjoy this unlisted video while it lasts.

VR / XR / AR shots fired.

Meta’s CTO says there are reasons Meta thumbed its nose at Google re: AndroidXR (something The Info reported this morning). He suggests Google’s talking shit about Meta behind its back and demanding “restrictive terms.”

I can see why Google might try: Oculus was once so willing to partner, it left Samsung and Xiaomi in charge of its mobile fate — and Google has a long, successful history of tying up partners with contracts in exchange for Google apps and a cut of search revenue. But does Meta need Google, or the other way round?


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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 review: redemption never sounded so good

The company has always delivered on audio quality, but after stumbling with some bugs and hardware issues on the Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds, Sennheiser is focusing on the little things — and it shows.

The Expanse is getting action figures (assuming this Kickstarter pans out).

The Nacelle Company got the official license to make these figs — while most are at the “digital render on Kickstarter” stage, one of the physical paint masters already made it onto the cover of ToyCollectr Magazine.

Avasarala, as always, looks dressed to kill political opponents, Bobby’s in her power armor, and Miller can go hat or hatless. It’s $320 for the whole 8-figure set, $39 each, or $75 for the two-packs.

Tap for larger image. Lots of cool accessories not pictured!
Tap for larger image. Lots of cool accessories not pictured!
Image: The Nacelle Company
You can watch these new IMAX documentaries on your Vision Pro headset.

It’s getting four: A Beautiful Planet 3D, Pandas 3D, Super Power Dogs 3D, and Deep Sky. You’ll also see trailers for new releases.

These are part of a wave of new spatial films on the Vision Pro. Apple debuted 150 3D movies at launch through Apple TV Plus and other streamers, including recent releases like Avatar: The Way of Water and Dune.

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DeSantis vetoes bill that would have barred teens under 16 from using social media, but teases a “superior” one.

He explained that the veto was “because the Legislature is about to produce a different, superior bill.” The Florida governor added that he expects that new bill “will be signed into law soon.”

On X, Speaker Paul Renner later posted that the state Senate would hear a new bill, HB3, on Monday, which “will empower parents to control what their children can access online.”

AI worms can spread through generative AI-powered emails.

Wired reports researchers from Cornell University, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, and Intuit created a worm that steals data and breaks security measures of ChatGPT and Gemini.

Called Morris II, the researchers unleashed it on an AI-powered email client. The worm created a self-replicating prompt that essentially overwhelmed the client causing it to continually forward messages. It can then instruct the AI models powering it to retrieve data.

Apple’s FineWoven cases got a “frequently returned” label on Amazon.

Amazon has applied the labels to the $59 FineWoven cases for the iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, and prompts users to “check the product details and customer reviews” before buying.

My colleague Allison Johnson pointed out just how bad the scratch-prone FineWoven cases are last year, and The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern recently wrote about how worn out her FineWoven case has gotten.

Screenshot by Emma Roth / The Verge
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Reddit will reportedly seek an up to $6.5 billion valuation when it goes public.

That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, which says Reddit could shoot for a price range between $31 to $34 per share when launching its IPO. The $6.5 billion number is significantly lower than the more than $10 billion Reddit was valued at in 2021 following a round of funding.

Microsoft yanks Edge browser update after users report crashes.

The Edge 122.0.2365.63 browser update Microsoft released yesterday is causing a stir. Users encountered “This page is having a problem” or other errors, BleepingComputer is reporting.

Reddit users soon discovered the bug impacted browsers with “Enhanced Web Protection” turned on. Some fixed it by turning the setting off — or switching Edge profiles. Everyone else will have to wait for Microsoft to release a fix, it seems.

A screenshot of an error message on Microsoft Edge.
A screenshot of an error message on Microsoft Edge.

TinyLetter, in memoriam

In remembrance of the humblest newsletter service and its brief run nurturing great personal writing on the internet.

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More evidence that Google wants to ship a new Chromecast.

9to5Google APK sleuthing reveals Google is testing a new mystery Chromecast with Google TV. But it’s different than the last mystery Chromecast: “YTD” instead of “YTC”.

Google also appears to be working on a new remote with more buttons, including one with a star. It hasn’t replaced its flagship 4K Chromecast since 2020, though it’s still one of our top picks.

Man, I love being a turtle.

The Paramount Plus sponsorship of Inter Milan has yielded something incredible: a trio of kits with the Ninja Turtles on them. Just the thing to wear to the theater in 2026.

An Inter Milan soccer jersey with a Ninja Turtle on it.


Image: Inter Milan
What is Microsoft teasing?

Microsoft Design Week is an internal event, but... maybe there’s some particularly awesome concept it’ll share?

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Elon Musk has punked Matt Levine again.

“oh it’s a rare friday money stuff, i wonder who could have brought that about,” Levine wrote on Twitter.

And yes, that means an update on my Levine story is forthcoming.