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Google remembered the phone part of the smartphone

A surprising number of the Pixel 7’s flagship features focus on making phone calls a more pleasant experience

Jon Porter2:45 PM UTC

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Richard LawlerTwo hours ago
An AMD logo on Intel’s fab in Ohio? Pat Gelsinger is into it.

As Intel is building up the capability to mass-produce chips for itself and others, the list of potential customers is wide open, as CEO Pat Gelsinger explained during his interview on Decoder.

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Kevin Nguyen7:22 PM UTC
How fast can you type the alphabet?

This web game couldn’t be simpler: it times how quickly you can knock out the ABCs on your keyboard. That’s it! (Mitchell tells me that this game is a favorite of Marques Brownlee’s.) Anyway, in two attempts I got 4.337 seconds. Try and beat that!

Updated: Monica tops The Verge’s leaderboard at 3.150 seconds.

Type The Alphabet Game