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Feed refreshed

Microsoft now offers Copilot GPTs to help you work out, find recipes, and more.

When you open Microsoft Copilot, you’ll notice a new list of Copilot GPTs tailored for fitness training, designing, planning vacations, and helping you cook. You’ll also be able to create your own Copilot GPTs soon, as Microsoft corporate vice president Jordi Ribas says the feature is currently in testing.

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Google is giving advertisers more control over where their ads go.

Last year, a report from Adalytics found that Google had been placing search ads on questionable websites (something Google refutes). But now, it seems like Google is responding to these concerns.

In a statement to The Verge, Google spokesperson Farrell Sklerov says the company “decided to unify our brand suitability preferences so that account level placement exclusions will apply to the Search partner network, in addition to YouTube and Display” ads. That means advertisers should get the ability to exclude certain websites from search ad campaigns.

MWC 2024: all the phones, wearables, and gadgets announced in Barcelona

Europe’s big smartphone show is here, and big players like Xiaomi, OnePlus, HMD, Honor, and Lenovo have a new generation of devices to show off.

Is Plex banning people for sharing their libraries?

Members of the app’s subreddit deny they’ve broken Plex’s terms of service, which forbids sharing with anyone but immediate family or charging for access. Not everyone believed them.

When we asked Plex, which recently started renting movies, for comment, Plex PR rep Carm Lyman told The Verge via email that most ban reversal requests are from those violating Plex’s terms, but anyone who abides by them “will not be banned.”

Crunchyroll president Rahul Purini on how anime took over the world

The head of the fast-growing streaming service discusses the Funimation merger and shutdown and where he sees growth in anime.

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This is why we can’t have nice [360-degree YouTube videos on the Vision Pro].

It’s about codecs and resolution. 4K-and-up videos only use either YouTube’s VP9 codec or the royalty-free AV1. Christian Selig, developer of the Juno YouTube app, writes that 360 video of the former can’t work because it requires Apple’s blessing. And the Vision Pro’s M2 chip has no AV1 hardware decoder, so that’s out, too.

Why not 1080p, he asks? Because it looks like doo-doo.

Microsoft’s PS5 version of Pentiment runs better than the Xbox version due to a bug.

Pentiment, previously an Xbox-exclusive game from Microsoft-owned Obsidian Entertainment, launched on PS5 last week running at 120fps. The Xbox version of the game is locked to 60fps, leading to a weird situation where a PS5 version of an Xbox game actually runs better than the Xbox version — even though it’s a 2D game. Thankfully it’s just a bug, so a 120fps mode is coming to Pentiment on Xbox “in the next patch.”

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Apple Arcade could be rotting.

According to a report in, Apple Arcade maybe in trouble. Sources speaking to the website said that payouts to developers are declining and that Apple is difficult to work with. Others said the service has, “the smell of death” about it.

Apple Arcade has been around since 2019 with The Verge’s Andrew Webster once calling it a “no-brainer” if iOS gaming was your thing. Since then it’s become the home hundreds of exclusives, including Sonic Dream Team and the South Park-joke-turned-real Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

When people mention Lenovo’s transparent laptop I keep thinking of something like this.

I was not thinking of cool laptops that look like props from the next season of For All Mankind. I was thinking of a laptop where you could see straight through to the guts of the thing like this laptop intended for use in prisons.

The thread itself is a wild ride about the quest make the laptop actually usable outside. The BIOS resets the password when the power is reset, there’s a white list for hard drives, and getting it connected to USB involves significantly more than just plugging and playing.

Lego wants YOU... to say what kind of Lego merch you’d buy.

The Lego Group’s running an online survey (via Jay’s Brick Blog) that starts out a tad boring, but soon reveals fun merch ideas!

Do note:

The designs showcased in this survey are purely conceptual. They represent imaginative ideas and creative exploration, but they do not guarantee or imply that LEGO® will produce them as actual products.

Image: Lego
Oppo just busted out AI smart glasses at MWC.

Oppo’s Air Glass 3 look like an ordinary pair of glasses, but it connects to Oppo smartphones to access the company’s AndesGPT LLM. Like other smart glasses, you tap the sides for controls and it can play music, display information, and take voice calls.

So far, it sounds similar to what Meta is trying to do with the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, where you can ask an AI assistant to deliver more context about the things you actually see. The catch is it won’t be available outside of China — and this is only a prototype in any case.

Render of the Oppo Air Glass 3
Image: Oppo
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Qualcomm’s on-device AI models will be hosted on Hugging Face and GitHub.

Qualcomm’s AI Hub, part of its goal to bring generative AI to mobile devices, will feature a library of AI models ready to deploy on Snapdragon and other Qualcomm platforms. It opens access to models like Stable Diffusion, Whisper, ControlNet, and 72 others, allowing more developers to make on-device generative AI features through open-source repositories like Hugging Face.

The ultra-complex card game that will take over your weekend

Plus, in this week’s Installer: the internet’s favorite camera, a new Twitter book, a better hub for your smart home, and much more.

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Don’t hold your breath waiting for all-electric versions of the Ford Maverick and Bronco.

They may be among Ford’s most popular gas and hybrid-powered vehicles, but the automaker doesn’t have any immediate plans to produce battery-electric versions of the Maverick and Bronco, AutoWeek reports. “Early 2030s” is the publication’s best prediction.

Meanwhile, GM is fast-tracking hybrid versions of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks, after discovering that all-electric versions were having trouble doing normal truck stuff, like towing.

Never say die when it comes to Japan’s ‘Moon Sniper.’

Yesterday, it responded after a roughly two-week lunar night — something that was possible, but not expected. Japan’s space agency cut off contact to protect it from mid-day lunar temperatures but did get pictures.

Japan’s SLIM lander already regained power once after landing upside-down on the Moon last month. Guess it takes more than a lunar night to get rid of the MOON SNIPER!

The Verge
Gemini’s photo generator ‘will be back in a few weeks.’

Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis, in a keynote during the Mobile World Congress, acknowledged the model applied a range of people for images “too bluntly.” Hassabis said Gemini’s photo generation feature, which was paused last week, is being fixed to offer a more narrow range of people for historical accuracy.

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Arguments have begun in Moody v. NetChoice.

You can tune in directly on the Supreme Court’s site.

Live Oral Argument Audio


Qualcomm’s latest Wi-Fi 7 chip could make your phone a better key.

That’s thanks to integrated ultra wideband, according to the company’s MWC 2024 announcement. It’s also about half the size and, Qualcomm says, uses 40 percent less power than its previous Wi-Fi chip.

That makes it easier for device makers to add the precision-finding tech that makes AirTags so good or lets cars like some Teslas know you’re close and what side of the car you’re on.

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Shoutout to random GitHub projects that do exactly what you need.

I needed to create a bootable MacOS installer over the weekend for an older version of the operating system — something Apple’s own instructions don’t actually support. Fortunately, a Reddit comment pointed me to the app Mist, which automated the whole process. It’s always nice to find that someone out there had the same problem as you, then just went ahead and solved it for everyone.

We’re an hour away from the Supreme Court’s politically complicated online moderation fight.

Texas and Florida’s anti-moderation laws are explicitly pro-Republican, but as my colleague Lauren laid out last week, the lawsuits over them could have bigger tech regulation fallout. While we’re waiting for oral arguments to start, check out The Atlantic and The New Republic for a couple of pieces on the states’ counterintuitive bipartisan appeal, plus some countertakes from Lawfare and Techdirt too.

Arguments begin at 10AM ET — you can listen in on the Supreme Court site directly, and I like the annotated C-SPAN feed too.

The future of phones depends on the future of apps

It’ll be hard to evolve today’s smartphone unless manufacturers can get an ecosystem of apps on board with their new ideas. Could AI offer a way forward?

Chinese automaker BYD has revealed its first all-electric supercar.

BYD is releasing the U9 under its luxury brand Yangwang for a price of 1.68 million yuan (~$233,433 USD). The EV supercar boasts 1,300 horsepower and can go from zero to 60mph in 2.36 seconds, with speeds topping out at 192mph.

The Yangwang U9 will start shipping in China this summer, potentially serving as an alternative to the high-end cars offered by Lamborghini and Ferrari. BYD surpassed Tesla as the top-selling EV maker in 2023.


Image: BYD
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Microsoft will detail its new DirectSR super resolution next month.

Microsoft appears to be working on its own DLSS-like AI upscaling feature for PC games, and it’s about to detail it next month. Microsoft will introduce “DirectSR” during a GDC session on March 21st, a technology that makes it “easier than ever for game devs to scale super resolution support across Windows devices.” An “Auto SR” feature was found in recent Windows 11 builds, promising to use AI to “make support games play more smoothly with enhanced details.”

DirectSR GDC session