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Inside Facebook’s struggle to keep young people

The tier list: how Facebook decides which countries need protection

This free web tool is a fast and easy way to remove objects from images

Hertz reportedly orders 100,000 Teslas in $4.2 billion deal

Microsoft reverses controversial .NET change after open source community outcry

New trailers: King Richard, Uncharted, Ozark, and more

Estimated ship times for preorders of new MacBook Pro models now into late November, early December

The Verge Merch Store is back!

Rep The Verge

Will Apple’s Mini LED MacBook Pros avoid the iPad Pro’s downsides?

A new Facebook whistleblower has come forward with more allegations

Twitter’s research shows that its algorithm favors conservative views

Microsoft angers the .NET open source community with a controversial decision

NASA now aims to launch massive next-generation rocket on debut flight in early 2022

At long last, a flight is in sight

Overwatch’s cowboy hero has a new name: Cole Cassidy


How to stop annoying robocalls on your iPhone or Android phone

Apple’s latest sci-fi drama Invasion starts out too dang slow

The series debuts with three episodes and no aliens

Google Meet hosts will be able to keep participant mics and cameras off

Satechi’s USB-C hub can hold an SSD if you have more money than ports

Ford nabs $884 million incentive package for EV ‘mega campus’

Micro Center leaks specs and pricing for Intel’s new Alder Lake Core i9 CPU

Tesla offers a glimpse of a future without Elon Musk

A calm, coherent quarterly conference call previews what’s to come

Lyft’s first-ever safety report reveals over 4,000 assaults between 2017-2019

Feds reportedly take down top ransomware hacker group REvil with a hack of their own

Twitter will let you subscribe to a newsletter right from a tweet

Trump’s social network has 30 days to stop breaking the rules of its software license

Home Alone is now a $250 Lego set, and it might be the most impressive fan-inspired model yet

Kevin is ready for the Wet Bandits


Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have big screens, big ambitions, and small prices

Google claims to finally be ready to take on Apple and Samsung

New US rules on spyware exports try to limit surveillance tech like Pegasus

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How to customize your iPhone’s app icons

Vergecast: Apple and Google’s competing events this week

Verge Tech Survey 2021

After a year of the pandemic, we asked Americans if their trust in big tech companies has changed — and if the biggest ones should be broken up

Nintendo delays its Advance Wars remaster to spring 2022

Samsung’s unique Frame TV is $500 off

We want to see your internet bill

The Verge is partnering with Consumer Reports for a new project about internet costs