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Everyone needs an upgrade somewhere in their life. A better bag. A watch that does more than just tell the time. A drone that’s fun to use but not so scary to break. A shower that works literally anywhere. A water filter so you don’t die. (You’re welcome.) A chance to finally watch Twin Peaks and forever live a little differently. It doesn’t cost much to make your life a little more adventurous, or convenient, or just fun. You might just save someone’s life — or at least seriously improve their coffee game.

Photo of Dubs ear plugs

Dubs ear plugs

Hearing is important. It’s good to hear. And Dubs Acoustic Filters are here for you: the ear plugs filter specific ear-damaging frequencies without blocking the music or noises you want to hear. And they look way cooler than those cheap orange foam plugs you were probably using before.

Photo of Bolse 2-in-1 charger

Bolse 2-in-1 charger

With the Bolse 2-in-1 charger, never touch a dead device again. Forget daisy-chaining and sitting next to the airport trash can, and just get on with your life.

Photo of NomadKey


If you’re as neurotic about keeping devices as charged as we are, you need a NomadKey. It’s a key-sized cable with USB on one end and a micro USB or Lightning connector on the other, perfect for keeping your Android and iOS devices charged while you’re on the go.

Photo of Kingston USB Drive

Kingston USB Drive

You could spend 15 minutes trying to figure out the Latest Wireless Networking Thing to share that photo of your breakfast burrito. Or you could spend 15 seconds plugging this USB drive into your computer. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

Photo of Zoku iced coffee maker

Zoku iced coffee maker

Leave this travel cup in your freezer when you’re not using it. Then, when it’s time for your morning iced coffee, pour hot coffee into it. The mug cools down drinks quickly without giving your fingers frostbite.

Photo of Black Mirror Season 1

Black Mirror Season 1

Black Mirror is a British television show about the effect of technology in our current and near-future lives. The twist is that each episode has a different cast, different setting, and different feel entirely. It’s as crazy as it sounds, and you need to catch up.

Photo of Scanners


33 years after it came out, we have a proper Criterion Collection remastering of Scanners, the insane sci-fi romp that wouldn’t make much sense even if we tried to explain it. Just watch it: watch it in beautiful 2K, and then watch the included documentary, and then watch the movie again.

Photo of Bialetti 6800 Moka Espresso Maker

Bialetti 6800 Moka Espresso Maker

This fancy, beautiful, classic stovetop espresso maker can make a killer cup of Italian coffee in minutes. Did we mention the really nice design?

Photo of HiRise for iPhone

HiRise for iPhone

Where do you put your brand new iPhone? On a pedestal, obviously. The HiRise elevates your phone or iPad mini, and works with or without a case – the better for you to see and reach the gadget you can’t put down anyway.

Photo of Kodiak portable charger

Kodiak portable charger

You’re rugged. We know. But how are you going to keep your phone, GPS watch, headlamp, and portable shower charged while you’re trekking through the wildnerness? You’re going to buy this charger, that’s how. And you’re going to beat it up, use it over and over, and just watch it keep charging.

Photo of Destiny the Game Poster

Destiny the Game Poster

There’s a huge class of artwork that riffs on movies, on movie posters, on actors, you name it. Society6 is that — but it’s the best at it.

Photo of Video game maps

Video game maps

Why frame New York, Chicago, or Paris? Dream a little bigger. Somewhere like Gotham City, or Vice City, or maybe Light World. Hang up the (gorgeous and minimal) maps of the places you actually want to hang out.

Photo of Soma water filter

Soma water filter

As Zoolander once said: “Water is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” This water filter pitcher is not only beautiful, but eco-friendly too, with biodegradable coconut filters that are better for you and the planet. Derek would approve.

Photo of Rocki


Stop buying a new Bluetooth speaker every year; Rocki can help stream music from your phone to pretty much any set of speakers in your house. Oh, and it’s only $49.

Photo of X4 H107C drone

X4 H107C drone

If you’re just learning how to fly a drone, don’t buy something you’re afraid of destroying. Buy the tiny X4 H107C, a shockingly durable and totally replaceable drone — the best way to learn how to fly without worrying about injuring it, yourself, or others. Especially not others.

Photo of Movieprints by Cooley

Movieprints by Cooley

Anybody can get a plain old movie poster, but these prints from Cooley are better. Think of them as caricatures of movie scenes, only these are the good kind, not the jerk with an easel on the street kind.

Photo of Infinity Pillow

Infinity Pillow

Think of everything you’d ever want from a pillow, and the Infinity Pillow is pretty much that exact thing. Awesome sleep is easily worth $60.

Photo of Disney: Infinity Starter Machine

Disney: Infinity Starter Machine

Where else can you hang with the cast of Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles? Nowhere, that’s where. Just place them all on the included Infinity base and teleport them straight into the game.

Photo of Canvas Snap Backpack

Canvas Snap Backpack

This is the backpack for the intern or musician in your life. It’s a sleek, unpretentious upgrade of a classic design. Carry everything you need wherever you go, and look awesome doing it.

Photo of You're Dead, by Flying Lotus

You're Dead, by Flying Lotus

Don’t play this album unless you’re ready to turn the volume up and probably drive at least one new family member into hearing aid territory. Flying Lotus is as varied a producer as you’ll hear — you get jazz, pop, hip-hop, and a thousand other things you need to listen closely to notice. Close your eyes, put one fist in the air, and press play.

Photo of Mover and Shaker pens

Mover and Shaker pens

Don’t just buy a pen, buy a Statement Pen. This one’s almost enough to make you want to write your messages out by hand again, even if your handwriting is probably awful by now.

Photo of Linus bike bags

Linus bike bags

Linus bikes are inspired by classic French designs from the 1950s and ‘60s, and now the company is making bags to match. The ‘Sac’ is an odd name and an awesome bag — two-tone waxed canvas with a coated base that’s ideal for all your crosstown journeys.

Photo of Herschel tote

Herschel tote

Sure, it’s just a bag – but it’s a cool bag. It’s a blast of camo or pin dot or plaid into the otherwise reserved world of laptop conveyance, an appropriately baroque wrapper for anything you might need today.

Photo of Hummingbird Hammock

Hummingbird Hammock

The biggest problem with the great outdoors: there aren’t enough comfortable places to nap. These parachute-inspired hammocks fix that and stay light enough that they won’t make your pack any heavier than it needs to be.

Photo of Elite: Dangerous Beta

Elite: Dangerous Beta

Why buy somebody an unfinished game? Because it’ll give them a head start on jumping into deep space with other players and building the coolest spaceship money can buy. Don’t worry, they’ll get the full game too, along with a bunch of extra perks.

Photo of TravelMate Kit

TravelMate Kit

Bottle openers and forks should have converged a long time ago. Buck’s Travelmate is those two things, plus a serrated knife, screwdriver, and grill scraper in a single camping-trip-saving kit.

Photo of Universal Mobile Keyboard

Universal Mobile Keyboard

Many devices, one way to type: Microsoft made a fantastic mobile keyboard that works well with Apple, Android, and Windows devices alike. It’ll work for weeks on a single charge, and it folds up when not in use for easy travel. Tap tap tap tap tap.

Photo of Original microG

Original microG

Come on: you’re with family. Don’t blow smoke in their face. Blow vapor! And do it with the original Micro G, as classy a vape as you’ll find anywhere. You’re not even really smoking, honestly, so lay off, Grandma.

Photo of Grovemade iPhone 6 cases

Grovemade iPhone 6 cases

A case isn’t just a nice accessory for the super-thin iPhone 6; it’s practically mandatory. So why not make it a stylish one? Grovemade cases are real wood and leather, with a backplate and a removable bumper so the phone can trim down if necessary. If you’re feeling generous, you can even get a wooden dock to match. It’s pretty, too.

Photo of Neat Ice Kit

Neat Ice Kit

Perfectly clear ice cubes are the easiest way to impress everyone with your home wet bar. Neat’s kit makes one big cube, half of which is clear — use the mallet and chisel to break off the cloudy half for use as crushed ice. OCD home mixologists rejoice!

Photo of K9 folding bike lock

K9 folding bike lock

The K-9 folding bike lock is as impenetrable as a U-lock, but can slip neatly into your back pocket. All the security, none of the “how do I carry this?”

Photo of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

If you’re going to give the weirdest and most intriguing TV series of all time as a gift (and you really should), we recommend you also include a damn fine cup of coffee.

Photo of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes has that unique ability not to be merely awesomely nostalgic, but just flat-out awesome. If you know someone who’s never fallen in love with a boy and his tiger, right that wrong now. And if it’s been too long, get ready for some Calvinball.

Photo of Moto X

Moto X

It can feel impossible to choose an Android phone. There are just so many. But here’s a hint: just get the best one, the Moto X. It’s available on most carriers, and you can customize the heck out of it.

Photo of Pebble


It turns out the first good smartwatch is still a fine pick for most people. Pebble delivers your smartphone notifications with a battery that will outlast any timepiece running Android — and it’s not even close.

Photo of Fire HD6

Fire HD6

If you buy an iPad for a kid, it’s going to break. This is a fact. Amazon’s Fire HD6 has no such problem: it can survive just about anything, while playing a huge video and music library to their heart’s content. And if it breaks? You can just swap it for a new one. Your kid’s a bruiser, but it can’t beat Amazon.

Photo of Automatic


Automatic’s mission is to help you drive smarter and waste less money on gas. Sure, it’s $100, but you’ll end up saving much more than that when you stop driving like a fool.

Photo of Pressure Shower

Pressure Shower

Camping is a smelly, dirty good time. But you’re not an animal, you need to get cleaned up. This kit doesn’t require you to climb up a tree to hang a giant bag of water to do it: just press the foot pump to build up enough pressure for a five-minute shower.

Photo of Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

Not every fitness tracker needs to be ugly or pester you with notifications from your phone. Misfit’s Shine strikes a great balance between features and handsome looks — there’s fitness-tracking, sleep-tracking, and even a neat LED-watch function.

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