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Sometimes you have to pull out all the stops. Maybe there’s someone you really like, or really want to like you, for whom price is no object. (Alternatively, maybe it’s just annoying having all those hundos taking up space in your submarine hangar.) These are the gifts you should buy when the only thing that matters is buying the perfect thing. And maybe scoring a few extra points when you “accidentally” leave the price tag on later. The perfect tablet, amazing art, the coolest ways to get around wherever it is that you live — these are the presents they’ll keep talking about for years to come.

Photo of Batman LEGO Tumbler

Batman LEGO Tumbler

Batman’s armored car from the Dark Knight trilogy is the kind of complex mechanical project that Lego fans love. You might have to hunt a little to get your hands on it, though – it’s out of stock until next year on Lego’s online store.

Photo of Caddy


If you love your living room, you’ll love this thing. It’s the perfect combination of phone dock, drink holder, work station, and side-table. And it actually looks like a real piece of furniture to boot.

Photo of Wii U Mario Kart bundle

Wii U Mario Kart bundle

Nintendo’s Wii U is a funny little game console: it comes with a controller that has a giant touchscreen. But it’s all about the games, and Mario Kart on the Wii U is just an all-out blast. The best Mario Kart ever, and that’s saying something.

Photo of Pro-ject turntable

Pro-ject turntable

Record players and vinyl are from the past, but this minimal turntable is from the future. The Essential II is dead-simple to set up, sounds great, and won’t break the bank.

Photo of Powershot SX280

Powershot SX280

Sure, the camera on your new smartphone is great. But if you want to take photos that look great, sharp, and timeless even without a sepia-tinted filter splashed over them, pick up this excellent and affordable point-and-shoot.

Photo of IcyBreeze Cooler

IcyBreeze Cooler

Most coolers only work on what’s inside the box, but this brilliant device will actually blow cold air at you through a flexible tube, cooling you at the same time it cools your drinks. What a glorious time to be alive!

Photo of Harmony Ultimate Home

Harmony Ultimate Home

A touchscreen remote already seems like a game-changer, but this one can also control your home’s temperature, lighting, and 15 different entertainment devices at once. Imagine it now: you never have to get up again.

Photo of Braun Watches

Braun Watches

Sure, smartwatches might one day replace “dumbwatches,” but the best watches are still simple, sleek timepieces. And Braun does the whole sleek thing really well.

Photo of Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Tent

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 Tent

When it comes to tents, there’s light and then there’s ultralight — and the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 is firmly in the latter camp (pun!). Other tents are more luxurious, but few will take up less space in your pack.

Photo of Hero4


Strap it to your dog and take it for a hike. Strap it to your chest and scale a mountain. Take it anywhere and you’ll get awesome footage every time. It’s the best Go Pro yet, so use it wisely. And don’t die.

Photo of The Bluetooth Gramophone

The Bluetooth Gramophone

“Is that a bookend?” someone will ask you. No, it’s the Gramophone, a Bluetooth speaker designed to look and sound like a horn speaker from the 1920s. This is almost certainly how Skrillex was meant to be heard.

Photo of Acer C720P

Acer C720P

A good computer doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Chromebooks are enough for most people, and the C720 is one of the best of the bunch — cheap, fast, and not exactly good-looking but hey what do you expect for this price? Just cover it up with all the money you saved.

Photo of Destiny PS4 bundle

Destiny PS4 bundle

On one hand, you’re saving money buying your PS4 with one of the console’s most exciting games. On the other, you’re getting an awesomely rad white console you can’t find anywhere else. On a third hand, seriously, look how cool that looks.

Photo of Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

Unlike the new iPad mini, the iPad Air 2 is actually worth buying. It’s got a top-notch display, amazing battery life, and it’s ultra-thin. It’s the best tablet you can buy right now, and that’s why you should get it. And immediately start playing Run, Sackboy, Run! on it.

Photo of LG G3


LG’s G3 has everything: a gorgeous screen, tiny bezels, a solid camera, good battery life, everything. It’s one of the most futuristic (where are the buttons? you never know) phones on the market, and one of our favorite Android devices, period.

Photo of Alton Lane Suit

Alton Lane Suit

Trust us: no other tailor will digitally scan your body before making your suit, while offering the usual supple wools and windowpane checks. If you’ve been looking for pants that accomodate your preternaturally muscular calves, this is where you’ll get them.

Photo of Fuji X30

Fuji X30

Fujifiljm’s X30 hits the sweet spot between professional cameras and point-and-shoots. It takes only high-quality images, and has a compact design that’s easy to hold and stow away. And like all of Fujifilm’s cameras, it looks good.

Photo of Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar

Sonos basically offers a high-end home theater setup without all the money and cables and marital discord. It just sounds good. All the time.

Photo of Copenhagen Wheel

Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel multiplies your pedaling power with a built-in motor and stores energy through regenerative braking, making biking easier. It even has a smartphone app that tracks usage data and can lock the wheel to make theft more difficult. Because let’s be honest: people will try to steal this thing.

Photo of Libratone Diva

Libratone Diva

This woolly soundbar will both look and sound great underneath your new flatscreen. Now pick a color, but don’t worry: if you ever change your mind, the Diva’s wool cover is replaceable.

Photo of DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

Maybe you know what you’re doing with a drone. If you want the best all around drone you can get, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ should be at the top of your list — you can’t beat the combination of simpllicity and power. Spying on your neighbors has never been more fun.

Photo of Fujifilm X100T

Fujifilm X100T

This gloriously old-school compact camera comes with an intriguing twist beyond its die-cast magnesium accents: it has both an optical and an electronic viewfinder, and you use a switch on the front of the camera to toggle between modes. It’s a little old, a little new, a lot awesome.

Photo of Budnitz Bicycles

Budnitz Bicycles

Titanium is one of those futuristic materials that defies logic — it’s lightweight and strong? Yup, and the Budnitz No. 1 is an entire bike made out of the stuff. It’s super lightweight, looks awesome, and will make you the envy of the office every morning.

Photo of Super Yacht Sub 3

Super Yacht Sub 3

Wait a minute — you’re telling me you’ve owned a superyacht for five years and you don’t even have a submersible for it yet? Where have you even been? Other than on your superyacht, that is.

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