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The Get Guide

As the saying goes, you get what you give. It’s rewarding to see the joy a gift brings to loved ones, but it’s even better to witness how they use that gift to grow their passions. Whether you’re shopping for a curious filmmaker, aspiring actor, budding designer, or savvy entrepreneur, start your shopping here for a curated list of the best products and experiences to gift this season to enrich their unique passions.

Give Intel, get amazing.

  • Lenovo Yoga Laptop

What to get for

The Designer

Do you have a young creative type in your life who seems to always be sketching a new invention on tablecloths, dreaming up new ideas to change the world, and finding inspiration wherever they go? Whether your artist is just starting out or putting the final touches on the latest piece in their growing collection, they’ll need gear that bridges both worlds with exceptional results. Give the right equipment that will take even the most imaginative ideas and bring them to vivid reality.

Give Intel, get amazing.

Meet Isabella Rose Taylor

Painter, fashion and home decor designer, and certified genius. You know, just your average 16-year-old. Watch how she uses the Lenovo Yoga 920 to enhance her creativity and take her design business to the next level.

Have a budding young artist like Isabella?
Here’s what to get them this holiday season:

Open Lenovo Yoga laptop

The laptop that does it all

The Lenovo Yoga 920

$1,099.99 (pricing may vary)

Creativity is a non-linear process. The Lenovo Yoga 920 keeps up with imaginations that don’t quit, with a flexible hinged display and an add-on Lenovo Active Pen 2 that writes and draws straight on the screen with a natural feel. With up to an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, professional design software will run smoothly throughout the whole creative process. The thin, sleek, powerful build is impressive even to the most discerning tastes and is lightweight enough to bring anywhere.

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Urbanears Plattan Wireless Headphones

$99 at Urbanears

Get inspired with music. These Bluetooth headphones boast 14 hours of playtime on one charge and have a built-in swipe interface on the ear cup. They’re wireless, so your artist-on-the-go can stream music from your laptop via Bluetooth while moving freely around their studio or creative space. The best part? They come in 16 different, on-trend colors.

Cobee Paintbrush Pens

$12.29 at Amazon

If your creator tends to multitask while on the go, their studio has to be just as mobile as they are. That’s why these portable, water-bearing brush pens are perfect for a to-go art kit. Fill the barrel with water to blend watercolors or ink and squeeze to control flow to the no-smear nylon tip. Paint now, worry about clean up never.

a bunch of paintbrush pens

Winsor & Newton Pocket Paintbox

$11.02 at Amazon

This affordable, travel-friendly paint set has all the colors an artist needs without breaking the bank. Pair it with the Cobee paintbrush pens and you’ve got a fully mobile studio — you can even take these paints on a plane, because they dry into solid blocks.

open watercolor tray with colors inside

Adobe Photoshop

$119.99/year at Best Buy

Photoshop is a must-have software for any designer. On Photoshop, you can do anything from making small photo touch-ups to creating completely new images from scratch. For the best performance, you’ll require a powerful computer. Powered by an 8th Gen Intel Core processor, the Lenovo Yoga 920 can handle Photoshop and whatever else the most demanding artistic minds throw at it without slowing down.

Laptop open with photoshop

Moleskine Watercolor Notebook

$19.95 at Moleskine

Somehow, whatever notes you’re jotting down or painting you’re working on automatically gains a little gravitas when made on the buttery paper of a Moleskine notebook. The watercolor edition of this legendary line of notebooks comes in four different sizes and will absorb watercolor paints without bleeding through.

Closed notebook

Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives

$11.43 at Amazon

Designer Adam J. Kurtz wrote this book to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for creative people of all ages. This heartfelt, colorful book tells you what you need to hear, whether it’s a lesson on empathy (“Support each other’s work, words, projects, and products.”) or tough love (“Accept that you compare yourself to others.”). With handwritten notes on perforated pages, artists can tear out what speaks to them and decorate their spaces with these encouraging reminders.

Paperback book with colorful cover
Open Lenovo Yoga Laptop with dark screen

For the budding designer, creativity can strike anywhere, in any medium.

They’ll need the right laptop to keep up, so give them the ability to share their creations with the world. Give the portable, powerful Lenovo Yoga 920 powered by Intel, and get amazing.

Get it at Best Buy
  • Lenovo Yoga Laptop

What to get for

The Filmmaker

The living room is now a movie set. The home office has transformed into an edit bay. Your vintage clothes are being worn as costumes, the pantry is now craft services, and the family dog just got promoted to assistant director. Sound familiar? The next Ava DuVernay or Steven Spielberg might be growing up right in front of you. Now more than ever, young filmmakers have access to resources that will enable them to create their own feature films quickly and easily, and the opportunities to share their work are endless. Give them the right camera, software, and computer to put together their next blockbuster, and hope you get your mention in their Oscars acceptance speech.

Give Intel, get amazing.

Meet Zuriel Oduwole

Zuriel Oduwole is a 15-year-old documentarian who wants to get more girls into schools. Watch how she uses the Lenovo Yoga 920 to edit her films that challenge the status quo.

Have a young filmmaker like Zuriel?
Here’s what to get them this holiday season:

Open Lenovo Yoga laptop

The laptop that does it all

The Lenovo Yoga 920

$1,599.99 (pricing may vary)

One of the most exciting parts of filmmaking is the opportunity to travel to different locations for the perfect shot. The Lenovo Yoga 920 weighs in at only 3.02lbs, making it one of the lightest and most portable laptops you can get. With the performance of the 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, even editing high-res 4K HD video is a breeze.

Get it at Best Buy

GoPro Hero6 Black

$499.99 at Best Buy

Good things come in small packages. For the GoPro, that means professional, 4K video shot by a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth make it easy to upload hi-res footage to your laptop completely wirelessly, and voice control and a rugged water-resistant design makes the GoPro the perfect companion to capture your next adventure.

PowerDirector 16

$129.99 at CyberLink

With capabilities like 360-video stabilization, intelligent color correction, and custom themed effects and template packs for holidays and travel, PowerDirector video editing software adapts to filmmakers of any level of expertise. Younger filmmakers can learn the basics by starting with templates or video collages and grow into more advanced technical features. Use it on the Lenovo Yoga 920 to get the fastest, most exceptional performance out of the program.

Software case

Field Notes Expedition notebook

$12.95 at Field Notes

Field Notes’ Expedition notebook lives up to its adventurous name. Waterproof and tear-proof pages mean you can record notes in even the most extreme conditions. With three notebooks in each pack, young filmmakers can use one now to take notes on a rainy action scene in the backyard and save the rest for future documentaries in the Amazon rainforest.

Three small notebooks

Sony ICD-UX560 Digital Voice Recorder

$99.99 at Best Buy

For filmmakers working on their own, portable and agile equipment is a must. This pocket-sized voice recorder is unobtrusive, making it easy to record interviews on the go, especially in places where unwieldy audio equipment can’t travel.

Voice recorder device

GoPro Seeker backpack

$169.99 at GoPro

When fieldwork is a must, the GoPro Seeker backpack has you covered. Built-in GoPro chest and shoulder mounts enable hands-free recording, plus plenty of space for equipment, and even a two-liter hydration bladder.

Large backpack

Lacie 1TB external hard drive

$149.99 at Best Buy

This is the hard drive the pros use, and for good reason. The rubber sleeve and shock-resistant design lets you rest easy that your footage is safe and sound, even after tossing the hard drive around when you’re on the go. With 1TB of storage, you can save hundreds of hours of footage onto this hard drive until you’re ready to edit on your laptop.

External harddrive
Open Lenovo Yoga Laptop with dark screen

For the up-and-coming filmmaker, their tech needs to be ready to roll when they are.

They’ll need a laptop that will help them bring their films to fruition. Give the powerful, portable Lenovo Yoga 920 powered by Intel, and get amazing.

Get it at Best Buy
  • Lenovo Yoga Laptop

What to get for

The Entrepreneur

You might have had an inkling when the line for their lemonade stand line snaked down the block, or maybe it was when they brought home profits from a bake sale that put their allowance to shame. If you’ve ever been surprised by a youngster’s natural business savvy, you might have a fledgling entrepreneur on your hands. One of the most important tasks of an entrepreneur is to identify a problem and fix it. They need to focus on solving new puzzles, and to do so, they need tech that simplifies everything else and keeps up with the many pivots and ever-changing challenges at hand.

Give Intel, get amazing.

Meet Moziah Bridges

Moziah started his bowtie company, Mo’s Bows, when he was nine. Now, at 15, he’s met with former President Obama and inked a major licensing deal – and he’s just getting started. Watch how Mo uses the Lenovo Yoga 920 to run his business and bring his designs to life.

Have a young entrepreneur like Moziah?
Here’s what to get them this holiday season:

Open Lenovo Yoga laptop

The laptop that does it all

The Lenovo Yoga 920

$1,099.99 (pricing may vary)

Entrepreneurship can take many forms, and a young go-getter needs a laptop as dynamic as they are. The Lenovo Yoga 920, powered by an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, will run smoothly with any design or finance software a young entrepreneur will need to support both the creative and operational sides of a business. Plus, long battery life and a flexible, lightweight design make it a reliable companion for their next pitch.

Get it at Best Buy

Dressing the Man

$29.73 at Amazon

Lauded by many fashion obsessives as the definitive guide to men’s style, Dressing the Man covers everything from the basics of how to tie a bowtie to an entire chapter on “foot decorum.” Author Alan Flusser takes a personalized approach to dressing well, encouraging each man to adapt the fundamentals of fashion to his unique physique and complexion. Get it for a snappy young dresser and don’t be surprised when it becomes their new fashion bible.

Samsung Gear S3

$349.99 at Best Buy

For a young fashion entrepreneur, the only thing more important than getting it done is getting it done in style. The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch lets busy go-getters keep up with texts, emails and alerts and make calls straight from the watch, completely hands-free. The stylish design is waterproof, and you can swap out the bands to complement any business casual look.

a smartwatch

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

$114.72 at Amazon

Creative entrepreneurs can find inspiration anywhere. To help them capture these things that spark innovation, gift them this Fujifilm Instax in a classic, sophisticated design. There’s something special and irreplaceable about an old fashioned film camera and printed photos that can be pinned to a mood board or added to a lookbook instantly.


Brother cs6000i Sewing Machine

$153.99 at Amazon

For a fashion entrepreneur, it all comes down to the thread. This lightweight, beginner-friendly sewing machine has a computerized LCD display stitch selector and time-saving automatic needle threader. To step it up from hand-drawn patterns, designers can create a 3D pattern on their laptop with a program like Microsoft Paint 3D and use this sewing machine to turn that design into a reality they can hold in their hands.

Laptop open with photoshop

The Pantone fashion sketchpad

$16.14 at Amazon

Pantone is an authority on color in the fashion industry, announcing their choice for “color of the year” each year. This fashion sketchpad comes with 60 color palettes and 400 pre-drawn figure templates, saving time for designers by letting them get straight to the fun part of sketching clothes.

Closed notebook

Cricut maker

$399 at Cricut

It’s kind of tough to describe what a Cricut Maker does, because it does it all. Its proprietary Adaptive Tool System uses an expandable suite of tools to write, cut, and score all types of materials, from delicate fabric and paper to leather and balsa wood. Use its Design Space software from your laptop to create a pattern, plug in the Cricut to your laptop via USB, and watch the Cricut work its magic.

A long white object
Open Lenovo Yoga Laptop with dark screen

For the young entrepreneur, the right tech is the best business partner.

They’ll need a computer to help them tackle big-budget endeavors. Give the portable, powerful Lenovo Yoga 920 powered by Intel, and get amazing.

Get it at Best Buy
  • Lenovo Yoga Laptop

What to get for

The Actor

Signs you might have the next comedy sensation on your hands: they add their own dramatic monologues to their bedtime story; they turn dinner into dinner and a show; and they already have their first standup comedy routine already down pat. For a kid who loves to act and entertain, the right gifts will help them both develop their craft and show it off. Give them a laptop that will inspire them to hone their craft, then cue the lights, camera, and action.

Give Intel, get amazing.

Meet Ava Ryan

Ava, also known as Charlene, also known as Bossy Boss Lady, is a 7-year-old viral video sensation known for her hilarious characters and one-liners. Watch how she uses the laptop to make her videos and watch the funny shows and movies that inspire her.

Have a rising actor like Ava?
Here’s what to get them this holiday season:

Open Lenovo Yoga laptop

The laptop that does it all

The Lenovo Yoga 920

$1,399.99 (pricing may vary)

The Lenovo Yoga 920 streams with stunning clarity on a wide-angle 4K display. That means that streaming videos, both original creations and well-worn classics, just got way more entertaining. The Lenovo Yoga 920’s 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor means that even high definition 4K movies play without a hitch. Flip back the screen to watch in tablet mode on the go, or tent mode on a table to watch with your family.

Get it at Best Buy

UCB Comedy Improv Manual

$25 at UCB Store

This manual is required reading for all students taking improv courses at the UCB Training Center, and it covers all the basic rules and techniques of long form improv, complete with color illustrations and helpful examples. This is a great beginner’s guide to any budding improviser to start honing their craft, even if they aren’t taking a class at UCB.

Lusana Studio 12" Ring Light

$57.79 at Jet

Beloved by YouTubers everywhere, a ring light is the secret sauce to getting perfect lighting in a pinch. This smaller 12-inch model is lightweight, easy to set up, and has a compatible mount for a DSLR camera.

a light

Super Star Natural Mineral Makeup Kit

$29.99 at Klee

What young dreamer with a big imagination doesn’t love to dress up? When the urge to experiment with makeup strikes, keep your personal collection safe by giving your young star this eye-catching, kid-safe set of shimmery makeup and nail polish.

Makeup bottles

Bienfang Notesketch

$5.36 at Blick

Half notebook, half sketchpad, this “notesketch” combines the best of both worlds, with lined paper on one half of the page and blank space to sketch on the other. Soon-to-be screenwriters can fill this book with their imagination, from blocking out and scripting scenes to developing new characters.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i

$899.99 at Best Buy

Want to step it up from a smartphone camera? A DSLR is your best bet. This Canon model is not only kid-user-friendly to experiment with, but also has the technical chops to capture the perfect action shot at a sports game or a professional-looking family portrait. Upload videos and photos onto your laptop to edit and share with friends, family, and the world.

A large camera

Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions

Gift card values vary at Best Buy

Becoming the next big star means learning from the best. Give the gift of streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows so that your young actor can see the best comics and actors in action. Stream videos in 4K on your laptop to get inspiration on the go.

Gift cards
Open Lenovo Yoga Laptop with dark screen

For the aspiring actor, inspiration for their characters is everywhere.

The right computer will keep up with their wild imagination and go with them anywhere. Give the portable, powerful Lenovo Yoga 920 powered by Intel, and get amazing.

Get it at Best Buy