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2015 is the year we can finally say goodbye to cable subscriptions and embrace online television.

Until now, internet services have largely catered to the back catalogs of older shows (Netflix, Amazon) or day-after replays (Hulu Plus). But even those companies are now creating award-winning original series, and services like Sling and PlayStation Vue have sprung up to offer traditional cable channels like AMC and ESPN live without signing long-term contracts with Comcast or Time Warner Cable. Hell, even HBO will very soon be available à la carte.

So here's the big question: can you "cut the cord" and still get all the television you want? How much will it cost you to do so? Our new internet TV guide should help you reach those answers. As new services come along and old services add more content, we'll keep updating this page. See something amiss? Got a suggestion? Like talking to humans? Let us know!

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    The average basic digital cable package costs about $66 in 2014.

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    1. It's tricky to make a direct comparison to the cost of cable, which can vary wildly by region and by whatever TV-internet-phone bundle you might have. A 2014 report by the FCC pegs the average monthly price of expanded basic service at around $66.

    2. For now, we're including Hulu Plus as a service for channels like NBC and Fox, given the fairly quick turnaround of new episodes for most of their shows.

    3. For this iteration, we're focusing on the most popular selections from the default channel lineup for multi-channel services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Please see their respective official pages for information their premium tiers.

    4. Amazon's "monthly" price is just the annual prime membership ($99) divided by 12 months

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