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How to pack smart for a business trip

How to pack smart for a business trip


No, it’s not the same as packing for vacation.

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Packing a suitcase is a surprisingly contentious activity. Some packers claim that rolling all your clothes saves space; other swear by compression bags. Still others find themselves sitting on their suitcase an hour before their flight, trying to cram everything in. While the stakes are relatively low when packing for vacation, packing for a business trip is a different story. Whatever your packing style, use these four smart packing tips to put your best foot forward.

1. Pack neutral basics and colorful accessories

Your packing game is only as strong as the contents of your suitcase. When it comes to business trips, it’s important to bring options and versatile items that can work for different situations, from board room meetings to happy hour drinks. You can mix and match pants, jackets, and shirts in neutrals like navy, gray, black, and white like the Alfani, Created for Macy’s, pieces in the video to create new looks from just a few items. Bring along accessories in colorful patterns to stand out and stay memorable.

2. Use packing products

What are packing products, you ask? There’s actually a whole market for packing folders, cubes, and folios specifically designed to make your life easier. Pack a stack of folded dress shirts into a folder to avoid wrinkles and fold pants or sweaters into cubes to keep them compact. A tie folio, a lesser known packing product, goes a step further to keep ties perfectly organized and crease-free.

3. Save space

Rather than filling up valuable suitcase space with small items like socks and belts, tuck them into your shoes to save space. Instant, multi-use packing product!

4. Optimize your suitcase

Think of all your clothes and shoes as pieces to your suitcase puzzle. Stash your dopp kit and any liquids in the base of your bag in case of leaks. Follow that with bulky, inflexible items like shoes. Next, slot in your packing products, and fill any spaces with smaller items. Keep your blazer or suit coat on top to avoid wrinkles and allow easy access in case you need it right after you hop off the plan.

Strap it all in, zip it up, and you’re ready to go.