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How to DIY your own customized tool storage system

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This is the last episode in our six-part video series where Bob Clagett of I Like to Make Stuff takes on home DIY projects inspired by the features of the new Ford F-150.

So you’ve made your own remote-controlled TV lift, automated lighting system, and more. The real question is: Where are you going to store all of your tools now? A helpful tip to achieving DIY success is to keep your tools organized and well-maintained. That way, you’ll know exactly where everything is when it’s time for your next project. In this episode, Clagett shows you how to DIY your own customized cleat-based tool storage system. Clagett was inspired by the Ford F-150’s available BoxLink system, which turns the bed of your truck into a flexible storage space thanks to reinforced mounting plates, drop-in dividers, and removable tie-down cleats.

Want your own customized tool storage system? Watch the video above and follow these simple steps.

1. Cut plywood into shelf-width strips

Cut your plywood into five- or six-inch strips to start making your cleats. You’ll be attaching these strips to your wall to serve as the support for your shelves and hangers.

2. Cut strips again at 45-degree angle

This step gives each of your cleats a 45-degree bevel on the top, which will help them hook onto the supporting cleats.

3. Chop one beveled piece into multiple hangers

You can put these hangers on the back of pretty much anything that you’ll need to hang on the wall.

4. Build simple custom shelves for the right tools

You can make custom shelves for uniquely shaped tools, such as hammers and power tools, using cut-outs or dowels.

5. Organize your wall

Once you have all your hangers made, it’s time to organize and customize your wall to fit your tools and space.

In just a few simple steps, you now have a customized, adjustable tool storage system. Make sure to watch all of the DIY episodes inspired by the Ford F-150 in this series for more projects.