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The future of music is going high tech

Watch the band Autograf create their signature sound using cutting edge technology.

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From the first time our ancestors found that a taut string could make a beautiful sound, music and technology have been inextricably linked. The evolution of that link has accelerated in recent years, especially when it comes to portability. A century ago you were only able to etch a few songs into discs of vinyl; now you can access pretty much the entire recorded history of music with a few swipes of your finger.

But mobile listening isn’t the only thing that’s changed thanks to technology. How artists and musicians conceive, perform, and entertain has also transformed. They’re armed with tech like samplers that can store, warp, and replay snippets of prerecorded music, synthesizers that can imitate an orchestra worth of instruments, and laptops loaded with programs that can replace entire recording studios. Technology has had a democratizing effect on music across the board. Anyone can learn to make a track with what they have in front of them, and it’s opened the doors for an exciting new chapter.

Technology has reshaped the experience of live performances, and bands like Autograf have leveraged cutting-edge machinery to create an unforgettable live set. The trio of electronic producers mix the digital with the analog, like blending old-school percussion with high-tech audio/visual sequencers. They’re also taking into consideration how technology can give audiences a more immersive experience, and have experimented with giving fans wearable technology that gives feedback based on the music they’re playing. The combination yields a show that is more than the sum of its parts, and offers a peek into what the future of music might look like. Check out the trio’s live set at the Aloft Magnificent Mile in Chicago at the recent The Verge x Aloft Present the Future of Music.

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