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How Samsung’s QLED 8K TV uses an AI-created formula to make upscaling smarter

How Samsung’s QLED 8K TV uses an AI-created formula to make upscaling smarter


The remarkable way this TV knows how to make a pleasing picture.

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We’ve all heard the phrase “bigger is better.” But size isn’t what makes Samsung’s new QLED 8K TV stand out in a crowded marketplace. The differentiator is thanks to a process called upscaling, and Samsung’s QLED 8K TV’s use of artificial intelligence to enhance the way upscaling is performed. Not only does its AI-powered upscaling* produce 8K image resolution, it upholds that resolution on a dynamic 75” screen.

Upscaling is especially critical when it comes to experiencing 8K because native 8K video content isn’t readily available yet. Samsung’s AI-powered upscaling* is able to transform HD/4K video content to 8K quality. The quantum processor uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce detailed resolution while also creating an immersive and realistic experience.

So how does it work? A computer analyzes millions of video pairs — a low quality version and a high quality one — and over time maps out the best way to get from low to high. As scientists feed it more data, it can produce an even better formula, which is then sent to your TV.

With all of that data at its command, the central computer builds filters for specific kinds of footage. The TV analyzes what you’re watching and automatically selects what looks best. Through this process, AI-powered upscaling* creates an 8K experience with clearer details, sharper edges on text, and fewer imperfections like background noise.

Watch the video to learn more about the process behind AI-powered upscaling in Samsung’s new QLED 8K TV.

*Disclaimer: The Samsung QLED 8K TV uses an AI-created formula.