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These intricate codes are more than skin deep

How QR codes are helping one Brooklyn-based tattoo artist run and streamline his business

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Evan Paul English knows a thing or two about using symbols and secret messages to help tell a story and unlock deeper meaning: he’s a tattoo artist, and for the past 5 years he’s been honing his talents and creating mesmerizing body art for his clients. He co-founded Yarrow Studio in 2019, and was inspired by the idea that tattoos can enable healing.

Evan is a creative at heart, but he’s also a savvy small business owner. Like many other entrepreneurs today, he utilizes technology like QR codes to grow and run his business. When used as part of an end-to-end solution like PayPal, QR codes can help business owners accept payments online, streamline their operations, and create unique offerings for their customers.

Watch the video to learn more about QR codes, and find out how these tiny identifiers can mean big things for business owners like Evan.

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