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Artificial Intelligence

Machines with brains are the future, and The Verge is here to explain it all. From Google and Facebook’s use of machine learning to rule the web, to cutting-edge research and why Alexa still sucks at conversation. We want to dispel the hype of AI and distill what it is you need to know.

Google’s ethical AI researchers complained of harassment long before Timnit Gebru’s firing

Google Assistant can now help order takeout from restaurants online

Automatic gender recognition tech is dangerous, say campaigners: it’s time to ban it

Simplistic gender binaries infringe on the right to self-expression

The EU is considering a ban on AI for mass surveillance and social credit scores

Google is poisoning its reputation with AI researchers

Can Google be trusted to evaluate its own AI?

Soon, the internet will make its own cat photos and then it won’t need us

Autonomous Cars

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Microsoft buys AI speech tech company Nuance for $19.7 billion

Today I learned about Intel’s AI sliders that filter online gaming abuse

Google AI manager resigns following controversial firings of two top researchers

Discover the stupidity of AI emotion recognition with this little browser game

Google’s AI reservation service Duplex is now available in 49 states

OpenAI’s text-generating system GPT-3 is now spewing out 4.5 billion words a day

Google rubs it in with new Photos collection of all the pints you once enjoyed

Inside Amazon’s $3.5 million competition to make Alexa chat like a human

Amazon delivery drivers have to consent to AI surveillance in their vans or lose their jobs

The robots are coming for your office

A conversation with NYT’s Kevin Roose on how robotic automation will impact our future

Facebook’s next big AI project is training its machines on users’ public videos

Facebook wants AI that understands video like humans do

Go read this story on how Facebook’s focus on growth stopped its AI team from fighting misinformation

Lip-syncing app Wombo shows the messy, meme-laden potential of deepfakes

OpenAI’s state-of-the-art machine vision AI is fooled by handwritten notes

Tom Cruise deepfake creator says public shouldn’t be worried about ‘one-click fakes’

Inside Waymo’s strategy to grow the best brains for self-driving cars

The Google spinoff has a head start in AI, but can they maintain the lead?

Project Gucciberg offers classic audiobooks read by an AI deepfake of Gucci Mane

Artificial intelligence research continues to grow as China overtakes US in AI journal citations

New AI ‘Deep Nostalgia’ brings old photos, including very old ones, to life

It seems like a nice idea in theory but it’s a tiny bit creepy as well

Google fires second AI ethics researcher following internal investigation

Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru, co-leads of the ethical AI team, have now both been terminated

Ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski has closed his artificial intelligence church

After firing a top AI ethicist, Google is changing its diversity and research policies

Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance

What happens when digital eyes get the brains to match?

Google is restructuring its AI teams after Timnit Gebru’s firing

Google is trying to stabilize the ethical AI team

Walmart is expanding its robot-powered fulfillment centers to ‘dozens of locations’

Google is investigating another top AI ethicist

Amazon opens Alexa AI tech for the first time so car makers can build custom assistants

FTC settles with photo storage app that pivoted to facial recognition


Why Google’s union is a big deal 

Google workers announce plans to unionize

Let the dulcet tones of Google’s Blob Opera ring in the holiday season with machine learning

Go watch this WSJ documentary about living on digitally after you die