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Amazon Alexa

Amazon's Alexa smart assistant seems to be everywhere. Since it was first announced in 2014 with the original Amazon Echo speaker, the voice assistant has gained thousands of new "skills" and comes in a variety of form factors – from miniature speakers to ones with a video camera and a touchscreen. Alexa has been integrated into a wide range of devices including cars, fridges, smartwatches, lights, and security cameras.


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Amazon Astro review: too much Alexa, not enough arms

While it’s not the robot we were looking for, Astro is rolling in the right direction.

Jennifer Pattison TuohyJun 3

Amazon’s Astro robot has been spotted in the wild... bringing people beer

Users are showing off what the $1,450 Amazon smart home robot can really do

Jennifer Pattison TuohyFeb 22