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Once a modest online seller of books, Amazon is now one of the largest companies in the world, and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the world’s most wealthy person. We track developments, both of Bezos and Amazon, its growth as a video producer, the popular Prime service, as well as its own hardware, which includes the Amazon Kindle e-reader, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, and Amazon Fire TV streaming boxes.

Amazon is reportedly working on an Alexa-powered soundbar and wall-mounted Echo

California passes law targeting Amazon labor algorithms

Amazon’s department stores sound like a very Amazon way to sell clothes

Amazon collaborates with Billie Eilish on an Echo Studio

Why does Amazon make games?

You can now preorder the new Kindle Paperwhite

Eero now offers its 6 Pro Mesh Wi-Fi in a two-pack

Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite adds a bigger screen, longer battery life, and USB-C

Amazon’s big fall hardware event is set for September 28th

Amazon leaks new Kindle Paperwhite with larger 6.8-inch display

Here are the best Amazon Echo deals right now

Amazon says it’s permanently banned 600 Chinese brands for review fraud

Amazon Prime now includes free Deliveroo deliveries in the UK

Amazon One’s palm-scanning tech makes first move into entertainment venues

Amazon gives the Kindle’s interface a refresh

Today is the last day to save up to $100 on Sonos speakers

Amazon’s new MMO could come to its Luna cloud gaming service

Amazon, fighting SpaceX’s Starlink plans, says Elon Musk’s companies don’t care about rules

Amazon starts making its own TVs with new Fire TV Omni and 4-Series

Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick 4K Max adds Wi-Fi 6 and faster performance

Amazon Luna is expanding to Fire tablets and Chromebooks, and retro games are on the way

Here are the best Kindle deals right now

Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund pledges $150 million to climate justice groups

Today I learned that Amazon’s game engine can be used to aid humanity in a zombie apocalypse

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is an excellent value at $250

Amazon’s cashierless tech is coming to Whole Foods next year

California bill takes aim at Amazon’s productivity-tracking algorithms

Phoebe Waller-Bridge exits Amazon’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith series

New Trailers: Moonfall, The Wheel of Time, Belfast, and more

Amazon is reportedly planning to release an Amazon-branded TV as soon as October

Amazon denies reports that it will proactively moderate content on its hosting service

Amazon is now denying its CEO saved an exec from being fired for discrimination