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Samsung says update will avoid smartphone ban in the Netherlands

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S

It's nearly October 14th, the date by which a Dutch court ruled that Samsung must cease selling its Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy S II smartphones in the Netherlands if it continues to infringe upon a single Apple patent. Now it seems that the company will avoid any sales injunction by patching the scrolling and browsing behavior of the infringing Samsung photo app used in its Android 2.3 build. Samsung spokesman James Chung had this to say:

We made smartphones using alternative technology for the Netherlands market and all products that Apple claimed violated their patents have been replaced with the new technology. We will have discussions with mobile operators (in the Netherlands) and start selling the modified smartphone products from October.

If the Dutch court agrees then Samsung looks to be in the clear as far as this lawsuit is concerned. And with the court throwing out all of Apple's other patent and trademark claims, Samsung appears to have dodged a nasty legal bullet leaving the company in a position of strength as it argues its position in more than 20 cases scattered across 10 countries.