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Verizon slashes prices on Thunderbolt and Droid Charge as LTE network expands

Droid Charge
Droid Charge

Verizon continues to make joining its ever-expanding 4G LTE network even cheaper. The Samsung Droid Charge just had its price slashed to $199.99, while the HTC Thunderbolt now sits at $149.99 (both require the standard two-year contract). Until recently, Verizon's strategy was to price LTE devices at a premium — the Charge and Thunderbolt launched at $299.99 and $249.99, respectively.

These price drops aren't the first instance of Verizon making 4G access more affordable. First, the LG Revolution launched as Verizon's first LTE phone at the $200 price point, the Pantech Breakout recently followed for $99.99. All these moves, however, are likely just a precursor to what could be Verizon's biggest 4G device launch yet, the Nexus Prime — which we should be seeing soon enough care of Samsung.