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Motorola's Lapdock 100 launching at Sprint on October 21

Motorola Lapdock 100
Motorola Lapdock 100

We already know that Motorola's redesigned Lapdock 100 is heading to multiple carriers, and now we know when Sprint will be getting it: October 21. This launch date comes via an email to Sprint employees inviting them to take a Lapdock 100 e-learning quiz (a training test that offers reward points to those that complete it), but unfortunately, no pricing information is available.

The Lapdock 100 improves on previous models by offering compatibility with the full suite of Motorola WebTop phones; Motorola has already produced two Lapdocks for the Atrix 4G and Droid Bionic, respectively. This should cut back on the number of Lapdocks produced going forward; Motorola claims that the Lapdock 100 will "likely" work with future smartphones. Another improvement is the inclusion of two-finger scrolling on the trackpad — it seems Motorola is listening to the variety of complaints about earlier Lapdock models.