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Android Market movie rentals launch in the UK

Android Movie Rentals - UK Homescreen
Android Movie Rentals - UK Homescreen

Less than six months after launching in the US, Google is bringing its Android movie rental store to those across the pond. UK Android users can now browse and rent from a selection of approximately 1,000 films; pricing starts at £2.49, the same as iTunes rentals. Just as in the States, you can rent movies directly on your device or through your browser, and usage terms are quite similar to what Apple offers in the UK. In both cases you must start your movie within 30 days, and you have 48 hours to complete it (double what us Yankees get).

Android's Movie Rental program isn't the only new digital media service launching the the UK this month. Earlier in October, Google's ebook store launched in the Android Market, and YouTube film rentals premiered shortly afterwards. And, in early 2012, Netflix will finally bring its streaming services to the UK, giving Android's movie rental service a few months to find an audience before dealing with that threat.