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GSM Motorola RAZR hits the FCC; Verizon model has locked bootloader

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Motorola RAZR international
Motorola RAZR international

Motorola's Droid RAZR is launching soon on Verizon, and now a GSM-equipped version has hit the FCC — but if you're an AT&T customer, don't get your hopes up. In all likelihood, this international-ready RAZR is heading to Canada as it was announced as a Rogers exclusive back on October 18. Since Verizon almost certainly has a US exclusive on this device, AT&T customers will have to choose between importing an unlocked version of the RAZR or just going for the similarly-spec'd — but much thicker — Atrix 2.

Unfortunately, Motorola has also confirmed that it'll be locking the Droid RAZR's bootloader per Verizon's request, even though the international editions will be the first unlocked Motorola devices since the original Droid, back in late 2009. According to Motorola, the decision is up to the carrier — we'd say that Verizon chose poorly.