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Samsung's clamshell Android device likely a China-only novelty

Samsung SCH-W999
Samsung SCH-W999

Some of the most unconventional cellphones never make their way to the US, and the upcoming Samsung SCH-W999 is likely to be another. The successor to the China-only SCH-W899 has a trick we haven't yet seen stateside: it utilizes the mostly-dead clamshell form factor while still offering an Android experience. When closed, the phone is all-screen candy bar, but you can flip it open to reveal an internal touchscreen and old-school 10 digit keypad, for those who really love T9.

While novel, it's worth noting that Samsung isn't the only one making devices in this form factor — Sharp has gotten in on this game as well. Other technical details for the W999 are scarce at this point, as the phone has yet to make it to Samsung's website, but you can check out a gallery of photos from Tenna of this Jekyll and Hyde device, as well as a video of the W999‘s predecessor in action.