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LightSquared looks to Sharp for its first LTE phones and tablets

Questions about LightSquared's interference with GPS linger on, but Sharp will demo L-band LTE devices next week.

Sharp EU Headquarters
Sharp EU Headquarters

Ongoing concerns about interference between LightSquared's L-band LTE network and GPS reception aren't yet resolved to everyone's satisfaction, but the would-be wholesaler of 4G services is forging on with its first consumer devices. Sharp — not traditionally known for its North American mobile presence — has been selected as the company's first supplier of both phones and tablets, and they're coming in short order: demo units will be out on display at next week's CTIA Enterprise & Applications show. LightSquared hasn't announced any details about the devices or whether they'll be offered commercially, but Sharp regularly puts out gorgeous high-end handsets in its native Japan, so it'll be interesting to see whether they're able to bring that magic to the new network.