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Amazon Appstore gets updated to version 2.0, adds subscription support

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The Amazon Appstore for Android got an update this morning ahead of the Kindle Fire launch. Version 2.0 brings a subscriptions option, a new settings panel, and slight cosmetic changes.

Amazon Appstore update
Amazon Appstore update

The Amazon Appstore for Android got an update to version 2.0 this morning, presumably in preparation for the upcoming release of the Kindle Fire. Probably the most significant change is the addition of a subscriptions item in the main app menu, which will likely be used to access your Newsstand content. Along with some cosmetic changes to match the look and feel of the Kindle Fire's UI, a new settings menu lets you turn on pin protection for in-app purchasing — which is enabled by default — and gently nudges you to spend by displaying your unused gift card balance. There isn't much to buy outside of apps right now, but we're guessing that will change when Amazon's tablet ships next week. Find two more screen shots below.