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8tracks internet radio now available on Android

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Android users can now download an app for 8tracks internet radio, which allows for the streaming of mixes created by others while on the go.

8tracks Android App
8tracks Android App

iPhone users have been able to enjoy 8tracks on the go since April, and now Android users can join in on the fun. 8tracks calls itself "handcrafted internet radio," with a focus on user-created mixes (at least eight songs in length, as the name suggests), but unlike Rdio or Slacker, the service doesn't have its own song library. Instead, users stream mixes created by others (including tastemakers such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone), or create one of their own by adding music from SoundCloud or uploading DRM-free files. Just like the iPhone version, the Android app is strictly for listening and lacks offline caching, but hey — at least you can use it on your phone for free. Naturally, the service is ad-supported, but there's also a $25 premium option that removes ads for six months.

The 8tracks app is currently available for download on the Android Market, but you may want to wait for an update — it's been crashing on several Verge staffers, and we've seen similar complaints in Market reviews.