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Galaxy Nexus available for pre-order on Three in UK, confirmed on Virgin Mobile and Bell in Canada

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The Galaxy Nexus is available for pre-order on Three UK with an earliest delivery date of November 18th. Canadian providers Virgin Mobile and Bell have separately announced that the phone will be available in "early December" and have both set up pre-register pages in anticipation.

Galaxy Nexus Hands-On
Galaxy Nexus Hands-On

Samsung's already announced that the Galaxy Nexus will roll out in Europe beginning November 17th, and it looks like carriers are starting to nail down release dates. O2 UK recently confirmed that date, and now UK carrier Three has the flagship phone for pre-order on its website. The wireless provider is offering the device for free with a two year contract, and the site lists the earliest delivery date as November 18th.

As for our Canadian friends up north, it looks like they'll be able to get their hands on the Galaxy Nexus in the coming weeks. Virgin Mobile and Bell separately announced that it will arrive by "early December" and have updated their respective websites with pre-register pages for the Ice Cream Sandwich device.

We're still waiting for official word on the device's availability here in the US, although rumor has it that the LTE version is coming to Verizon on November 21st.